Bagels & Beans is celebrating spring with Rontbijt® and a bagel plant


  • Bagels & Beans rolt het voorjaar uit met Rontbijt®Bagels & Beans rolt het voorjaar uit met Rontbijt®
  • Bagels & Beans rolt het voorjaar uit met Rontbijt® en een bagelplantBagels & Beans rolt het voorjaar uit met Rontbijt® en een bagelplant
  • Bagels & Beans rolt het voorjaar uit met Rontbijt®Bagels & Beans rolt het voorjaar uit met Rontbijt®

More and more people are eating their breakfast out and at different times around the Netherlands. At Bagels & Beans you have been able to enjoy breakfast throughout the day for years. During their spring campaign Rontbijt®, (ontbijt = breakfast) this Dutch espresso bar formula goes one step further with a competition for breakfasters. Furthermore, a new plant species is emerging: the bagel plant.

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All-day breakfast | But if you order a Breakfast before 11:01 am…

Especially in recent years, the trend has been to eat breakfast out more often or to grab something quick on the go (FSIN writes in the 2024 food monitor). And that breakfast does not always take place in the morning and certainly does not have to consist of the traditional Dutch ‘Boterham’ (sandwich). Bagels & Beans has always offered an extensive range for ‘all-day breakfast’: a power breakfast, crispy bagels, coconut ‘yogurt’ with mango, oat porridge and more. And their invigorating coffee made from freshly roasted Arabica beans is most certainly part of their breakfast possibilities.

Rontbijt® | At Bagels & Beans, breakfast knows no time

To kick-start the day, Bagels & Beans is paying extra attention to breakfast for a month with this spring campaign. The stubborn brand wouldn’t be itself if they didn’t create a new term for this: meet Rontbijt®. At Bagels & Beans, breakfast knows no time. They allow guests to enjoy bagels, coffee & happiness all day long. But if you order before 11:01 during the spring campaign.. Than you will receive a voucher with a unique code. By entering the code on the corresponding promotion page, they have a chance to win great prizes. Winners will be announced every Wednesday for 4 weeks via the livestream on Instagram.

Win surprising breakfast prices during Rontbijt®

If you are eating out, it’s always nice if there’s some sun you could enjoy. Therefore it’s a bonus that the campaign starts on March 21 – the second day of spring and lasts until Sunday April 14. For four weeks, the winners will be announced on Wednesdays via a livestream on Instagram. The prices? Official coffee cups and saucers from Bagels & Beans, cleaning packages from Marcel’s Green Soap, weekend tickets for the Solar music festival and boxes with garden plants. The plants come from the growers of Another exciting piece of news: they are also growing a real bagel plant.

Watch their video about this campaign below, (the text continues below the video).

The Bagel plant | A collaboration between and Bagels & Beans

The bagel plant is officially called Crustula Peperomioides and is a cross between the Pancake Plant (Pilea Peperomioides) and the Monkey Mask (Monstera adansonii). The flat round leaves of the pancake plant, together with the characteristic holes of the monkey mask, give the bagel plant its desired appearance. The plant has a hole in the middle of the leaf, just like a bagel.

The new plant variety is the result of the collaboration between and Bagels & Beans. A logical match, because both love everything that is green, grows and blooms. A Bagels & Beans living room is characterized by the abundance of greenery that appears everywhere. Plants in all sizes, proudly in a pot or hanging wonderfully from the ceiling. To spread the green love even more, readers of the BagelBites newsletter will soon receive a 10 percent discount on a purchase at And ten lucky people who order the Bagels & Beans Easter box will receive a letterbox coffee plant for free. If that isn’t green happiness!

Waiting list for this plant can be found here.

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