Bagels & Beans bootcamp | ‘owning your own business is top sport’


  • Bagels & Beans bootcamp - June 14Bagels & Beans bootcamp - June 14
  • Bagels & Beans bootcamp - June 14Bagels & Beans bootcamp - June 14

Not the usual franchise night to get a taste of the bagel universe this time, instead, Bagels & Beans is organising the Bagels & Beans bootcamp on June 14. Why a bootcamp? Well, entrepreneurship is about trial and error. And trial and error is like a jumping jack followed by a push-up. Under the guidance of a personal bagel trainer, potential bagel bosses experience what running their own Bagels & Beans is all about. The bootcamp will be held in the region Mid-Netherlands and starts at 7.31pm.

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Slow delivery by Bagels & Beans’ Bagelbus


  • Slow delivery by Bagels & Beans' BagelbusSlow delivery by Bagels & Beans' Bagelbus

In the stressful era of flash delivery, time management and emerging individualism, Bagels & Beans is creating a place of calmness and togetherness on wheels: the Bagelbus. With its unique ‘slow delivery’ concept, Bagels & Beans is giving the hectic and impersonal world anno nowadays a much-needed push back. The prototype neighbourhood bus has been tested and the first routes in the Utrecht area will be launched in April.

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Bagels & Beans is changing its brand name on World Animal Day 2019 to Beagels & Beans


  • logo Beagles & Beans
  • Beagels & Beans
  • Beagels & Beans

As of the 4th of October, the sanctuary for bagels, coffee and happiness will change its brand name. The name change will be celebrated with a free cup of coffee or tea of choice and a festive giveaway for everyone who is bringing their pet.

On Friday the 4th of October the well-known Dutch hospitality formula will be renamed to Beagles & Beans. Pets have always been welcome at the coffee- and bagel bar, but on World Animal Day they want to put them in the spotlight even more. Only Beagles? Of course not: all pets are more than welcome to bring their owner. From hamsters to Shetland ponies, alpaca’s to goldfishes and from collar parakeet’s to stick insects. The owners will be treated with free coffee or tea of choice. And for the pets there will be a water dish with fresh water.

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Celebrating Together | Bagels & Beans creates a Christmas tree for War Child


  • De Kerstboom
  • Logo Bagels & Beans

Great initiative by Bagels & Beans to celebrate their 20th anniversary. From Tuesday, December 6th until Monday, January 2nd Bagels & Beans celebrates its 20th birthday by creating a special Christmas campaign for War Child. During this period, visitors will find a sticker on their table at their Bagels & Beans joint. This Christmas ornament sticker can be pasted with some small change on the cardboard Christmas trees located at every Bagels & Beans shop. The pasted coins will be donated to War Child. read more

Beagles & Beans celebrates World Animal Day with free coffee


  • Beagles & BeansBeagles & Beans
  • Beagles & BeansBeagles & Beans

That is if you visit with your pet! World Animal Day becomes animal week and the chance is that  you will be addressed with “lorre”, “tjielp”, “woof” or “grunt” during this week at Beagles & Beans. From October 3 to 9, the bagel and coffee bar in the Netherlands puts all pets in the spotlight. Because why just one animal day when you can celebrate it for a week?

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Bagels, Beats & Weeds


  • dutch weed bagel

Bagels & Beans launches the Dutch Weed Bagel at a Bagels, Beats & Weeds Party on 29 August. The bagel is 100% vegetable, vegetarian, vegan and halal and is developed during a cooperation between Bagels & Beans and The Dutch Weed Burger. The bagel is only available at the new concept store of Bagels & Beans at the IJdock in Amsterdam. The concept store will have the traditional Bagels & Beans kitchen, but is also the place where innovation, inspiration and investigation come together for future developments.

Phototherapy at Bagels and Beans


  • bagels en beans

It’s winter again. Fatigue, decreased energy and concentration problems are signs of a winter depression. On average about 600,000 people in the Netherlands suffer from winter depression. To give more relief, Bagels and Beans offers fifteen minutes of ‘sun’. Bagels & Beans has decided to introduce the phototherapy glasses again in collaboration with phototherapy specialist Goodlite. Guests can use the glasses for fifteen minutes and it will give them a better mood and more energy.

A first date at Bagels and Beans


The online dating platform started a collaboration with Bagels & Beans to help the love a little. By pressing the button JustCoffee, new members of can go on a mini-date at Bagels & Beans worth € 10,= per person. At one of the 54 Bagels & Beans locations singles can meet each other and see if it really clicks into real life. This collaboration stimulates a first date and it gives a nice interpretation of the JustCoffee button.

Trends we spotted | Week 1


  • Horecava Innovation AwardsHorecava Innovation Awards
  • Het ‘broeduurtje’ bij Bagels & BeansHet ‘broeduurtje’ bij Bagels & Beans
  • The Don van DAVO brouwerijThe Don van DAVO brouwerij
  • Horeca Expo Hardenberg - januari 2024Horeca Expo Hardenberg - januari 2024
  • Nationale ‘Week van Snoep Goed’Nationale ‘Week van Snoep Goed’
  • Puzzle of White CastlePuzzle of White Castle

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about, among other things, the ‘broeduurtje’ (translated: breeding hour) at Bagels & Beans, in honor of the launch of their new menu and in Dubai, the high tax on alcohol for 2023 will be canceled as a test.

Coffee pods without pods – a sustainable product from CoffeeB that can prevent a lot of ‘cup’ waste. In the Netherlands, ‘De Koffiejongens’ also sell biodegradable cups.

On 29, 30 and 31 January 2024, the completely new trade fair, Horeca Expo Hardenberg, will take place in the Evenementenhal Hardenberg. And next January 16 – on Blue Monday – the third edition of the National ‘Week of Good Snacking’ will start in the Netherlands. An action that you can respond to as a restaurateur by serving healthy homemade biscuits with your cup of coffee.

At the Horecava in Amsterdam, Redefine Meat was named overall winner of the Horecava Innovation Awards. And the winner of the ‘Beer of the year 2022 election’ in the Netherlands has been announced: The Don from the DAVO brewery.

The American chain White Castle, together with a New York artist, has turned distinctive artwork into a puzzle.

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Trends we spotted | Week 2


  • trends we spotted this week

At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, links to articles about plant-based braised beef by Fable Food Co and Five Guys has partnered with Radius Networks to roll out curbside & in-store pickup.

The 2021 Food Trends Report by Fine Dining Lovers – with trends like Plant Power, Brunchfast en Linner, Kitchen Co-Ops and Ghostronomy. And here in the Netherlands the bagels from Bagels & Beans are now sold at most Jumbo Supermarkets.

This March, the founders of Assembly Underground in Leeds will launch a brand-new food and entertainment space, Society Manchester at Barbirolli Square. And we spotted E-bike parking units, called the HAVN, with built-in storage and charging by a Belgium start up called Streetwaves. Interesting for restaurants and hotels near bike routes!

British Airways has recently roped in Michelin-starred chef, Tom Kerridge to design a gourmet food menu for its economy class passengers. And a list of all the planned openings of the Accor Group in 2021, an encouraging development outlook!

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