Bagels & Beans bootcamp | ‘owning your own business is top sport’


  • Bagels & Beans bootcamp - June 14Bagels & Beans bootcamp - June 14
  • Bagels & Beans bootcamp - June 14Bagels & Beans bootcamp - June 14

Not the usual franchise night to get a taste of the bagel universe this time, instead, Bagels & Beans is organising the Bagels & Beans bootcamp on June 14. Why a bootcamp? Well, entrepreneurship is about trial and error. And trial and error is like a jumping jack followed by a push-up. Under the guidance of a personal bagel trainer, potential bagel bosses experience what running their own Bagels & Beans is all about. The bootcamp will be held in the region Mid-Netherlands and starts at 7.31pm.

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A bagel oasis of peace and happiness

‘A bagel oasis of peace and happiness’ is how the largest espresso bar formula in the Netherlands is known. But what only few people know is that you need to be in top shape to run a Bagels & Beans. That is why bootcamp participants are challenged with physical, bagel-related activities. ‘Having your own business is top sport,’ argues Lizan van der Pol of Bagels & Beans. ‘So it’s important to be fit. Bagel fit.’

Daily bagel activities and those at the Bagels & Beans bootcamp

The Bagels & Beans bootcamp is aimed both at people who have been dreaming of owning their own Bagels & Beans for years and those who are just curious. All activities take place outdoors under the guidance of existing bagel bosses and are related to daily bagel activities. Think coffee bag lugging, fast walking with tray, orange juggling and bagel lifting. Participants then follow a workout of their choice. No, not foot bagging, coffee bean punching or tea bagel hurling, but a sport the bagel trainers are practised in. For example, boxing, cycling or running. Which exactly, remains a surprise for now. Familiar faces Lizan van der Pol & Laura Boon will also be present.

First train, then learn

Training not only makes you fitter, but also sharper. That’s convenient: the physical part will be followed by a light-hearted and approachable bagel lecture by Lizan & Laura on the Bagels & Beans franchise formula. Cadets in attendance will have the chance to ask all their questions. These could be questions about entrepreneurship, vitality, maintaining a healthy balance between coffee popping and taking a rest, or whatever the participants want to know. Laura: ‘One thing is for sure: those who have experienced the bootcamp are just about ready to start the real work.’

Sign up for the Bagels & Beans bootcamp

Signing up is easy and can be done here. Bagels & Beans will then contact you to get acquainted in advance and provide further information.

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