Slow delivery by Bagels & Beans’ Bagelbus


  • Slow delivery by Bagels & Beans' BagelbusSlow delivery by Bagels & Beans' Bagelbus

In the stressful era of flash delivery, time management and emerging individualism, Bagels & Beans is creating a place of calmness and togetherness on wheels: the Bagelbus. With its unique ‘slow delivery’ concept, Bagels & Beans is giving the hectic and impersonal world anno nowadays a much-needed push back. The prototype neighbourhood bus has been tested and the first routes in the Utrecht area will be launched in April.

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Slow enjoyment | Guaranteed waiting time of…

Slow delivery creates space for people who don’t want to go along with the current ‘the faster the better’ era. Lizan van der Pol, co-owner of Bagels & Beans, calls the neighbourhood bus a contrarian but necessary development: ‘A delivery driver at your doorstep within five minutes? That simply does not provide enough room for relaxation. That’s why we guarantee a waiting time of at least ten minutes at the Bagelbus. So that people can have a chat and enjoy their moment of rest together: the recipe against loneliness. The slower you enjoy, the longer you enjoy. Something very simple that we all seem to have forgotten.’

The Bagelbus | Electric and emission-free

Sustainable, electric, classic yet modern: the Bagelbus combines the greatest possible social impact with minimal environmental impact. Which fits in the nature theme of Bagels & Beans latest menu. The vehicle is a total-loss 1980s ice cream truck from Florida, imported by Bagels & Beans, restored and made completely emission-free. ‘It was quite a job to remove all those ice cream stickers,’ Lizan looks back. ‘We even got the old sound system working again. So if you live in Utrecht and you hear one of those classic ice cream trucks driving by soon, you’ll know: that’s the Bagelbus.

Familiar assortment in the Bagelbus with unique extras such as a ‘Listening Ear’ 

The Bagelbus provides a small but varied take-away menu with the well-known Bagels & Beans bagels, coffee & sweets. In addition to this small menu, they offer their familiar range including coffee beans, loose bagels, tea and chocolate bars. All can be found in the shop area of the converted bus. Furthermore, the bus offers a unique addition to the current range with time to listen to your stories. When ordering this, guests can spend ten minutes telling their story to one of the makers of bagels or baristas. Lizan: ‘People in the queue can listen in or enjoy their moment of rest for even longer. The ‘Listening Ear’ is of course free of charge!

Official launch in April

The Bagelbus is officially launching in the month of April at a number of municipalities in Utrecht. The bagel variant of the classic SRV trolley is in development, partners and suppliers can apply via the contact form. Bagels & Beans expects to bring this special bagel innovation to more municipalities in the Netherlands this year.

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