Bagels & Beans is changing its brand name on World Animal Day 2019 to Beagels & Beans


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As of the 4th of October, the sanctuary for bagels, coffee and happiness will change its brand name. The name change will be celebrated with a free cup of coffee or tea of choice and a festive giveaway for everyone who is bringing their pet.

On Friday the 4th of October the well-known Dutch hospitality formula will be renamed to Beagles & Beans. Pets have always been welcome at the coffee- and bagel bar, but on World Animal Day they want to put them in the spotlight even more. Only Beagles? Of course not: all pets are more than welcome to bring their owner. From hamsters to Shetland ponies, alpaca’s to goldfishes and from collar parakeet’s to stick insects. The owners will be treated with free coffee or tea of choice. And for the pets there will be a water dish with fresh water.

A festive Give-Away with #beaglesbeans

There will be a special give-away for the pets who can get their owners to photograph them at Beagles & Beans. If the owners take pictures of their pets and share it on Instagram with #beaglesbeans, they have a chance of winning a fully catered lunch for two. The winning pair will be announced at October 7th. The free coffee and tea give-away applies to all Beagles & Beans store throughout the Netherlands. The name will be changed back on the 5th of October.

About Beagles & Beans

Since 1996, Beagles & Beans (former Bagels & Beans) is the sanctuary for bagels, coffee and happiness. A place where the issues of the day gives way to a moment of peace and something tasty. Coffee or tea with something extra, a bagel with cream cheese or a vegetarian Paddoburger, or one of their salads, juices or healthy bites, all freshly prepared! The typical Beagles & Beans ambiance with an emphasis on personal attention and craftsmanship seems to work out. Luckily, because it’s a proven medicine against the agitation of daily life.

Beagles & Beans has their own app where guests can save up for nice and tasty surprises. Moreover they can also top up their own credit or give it away as a gift.

Website: Bagels & Beans

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