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That is if you visit with your pet! World Animal Day becomes animal week and the chance is that  you will be addressed with “lorre”, “tjielp”, “woof” or “grunt” during this week at Beagles & Beans. From October 3 to 9, the bagel and coffee bar in the Netherlands puts all pets in the spotlight. Because why just one animal day when you can celebrate it for a week?

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Everyone is welcome at Beagles & Beans

During this animal week, the franchise formula will once again change its name to Beagles & Beans instead of their name Bagels & Beans. This temporary name change goes hand in hand with a heartwarming promotion in their shops for both humans & animals. When guests walk, gallop or dance into one of their locations with their favourite pet, Beagles & Beans will treat them to a fresh bowl of water and their humans to a free coffee. From pony to guinea pig & from lizard to camel, everyone is welcome!

As with all friendships, a connection creates wonderful moments together. Beagles & Beans wants to cherish these everyday wonders with their guests & pets. The love for animals is very common at Bagels & Beans, just look at their house rules: animals are always welcome.

About Bagels & Beans

Bagels & Beans has been the sanctuary for bagels, coffee & happiness since 1996. A place where the delusion of the day gives way to a moment of rest and something delicious. Coffee or tea with a side, a filled bagel, for example with cream cheese or the vegetarian Paddoburger, or one of the salads or juices. Freshly prepared, ready while you smile. The typical Bagels & Beans atmosphere with its emphasis on personal attention and craftsmanship has made more and more fans over the past 25 years.

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Website: Bagels & Beans

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