Instagram inspiration | Roses are Red or Bread?


  • Instagram inspiration - Roses are red or breadInstagram inspiration - Roses are red or bread
  • Instagram inspiration - Roses are red or breadInstagram inspiration - Roses are red or bread

Do you also enjoy scrolling on Instagram? We do!! Every week we come across inspiration that we often share in our weekly article ‘Trends we spotted’. This week we came across so many of them! Among others, a ‘duck in your coffee’, a bouquet of croissants under the motto ‘are roses red or bread’, hot milkshakes, Cookizza’s by Cedric Grolet and much more. That deserves its own article!

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Instagram trends | #bluerice


  • #bluerice-a new trend on Instagram

We have written about blue tea before, in 2019, about the tea of Crusio tea. By using the blossom of the Butterfly Pea, the tea will naturally turn blue. The same tea can be used to cook rice, and you will have an Instragram hit #Bluerice! We tried it at home and although it didn’t alter the taste much, it was a bit unnatural colour for rice. We can already see some applications like blue rice porridgeblue rice pudding and of course blue pasta. Some lemon in the tea and you’ll have purple tea or rice and pastaBy the way if you search for #bluerice you will also spot blue sushi, or rainbow sushi! We didn’t check if this is made all naturally. 

Click the following links to see some posts about blue rice, including one recipe. 

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The Upside Down Amsterdam | The largest ‘Instagram museum’ in Europe


  • Anna Nooshin in The Upside Down Amsterdam - credits The Upside Down Amsterdam
  • Anna Nooshin in The Upside Down Amsterdam - credits The Upside Down Amsterdam
  • The Upside Down Amsterdam
  • The Upside Down Amsterdam

On the third of July Anna Nooshin opened the doors of her own completely new Instagram museum: The Upside Down Amsterdam. After a year and a half of brainstorming, planning and searching for the perfect location, this dream has come true in collaboration with entrepreneur Hans Plesman. Visitors can immerse themselves in a completely new museum experience. The Upside Down Amsterdam also wants to activate social involvement and bring a deeper message. Attention is asked for ‘forgotten children’, among other things, with which they support the foundation ‘Het vergeten Kind’ (the Forgotten Child). The initiators believe that everyone has the right to play and that’s why they are opening up the experience to this target group in cooperation with the foundation.

“It’s great that after years this dream can finally be realised. With The Upside Down Amsterdam we want to create so much more than just an Instagram worthy museum. We want to tell a story about the Netherlands of today and give visitors and creatives the opportunity to fully develop themselves in our museum. In addition, one of our most important pillars besides entertainment is education and we will focus on lectures and master classes where experienced content creators and influencers share their creative passion with our visitors”, says Anna Nooshin.

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The Fairy Floss Dessert Burger | The hidden Instagrammable dessert


  • The Fairy Floss Dessert BurgerThe Fairy Floss Dessert Burger
  • The Fairy Floss Dessert BurgerThe Fairy Floss Dessert Burger
  • The Fairy Floss Dessert BurgerThe Fairy Floss Dessert Burger
  • The Fairy Floss Dessert BurgerThe Fairy Floss Dessert Burger
  • The Fairy Floss Dessert Burgerchocolate sphere by the Long Story Short Café

The Long Story Short cafe in Brunswick, Australia has been offering a new special dessert for a while: The fairy floss burger. This burger is hidden in a large cotton candy casing and is 100% Instagrammable. read more

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island | Introduces an Instagram butler and an InstaTrail


  • Conrad Maldives Rangali IslandConrad Maldives Rangali Island

At the Conrad Rangali Hotel, guests can hire an Instagram butler to help them make the perfect photos, you know those kind of images that makes your homefront jealous! The Conrad Rangali Hotel is located on the tropical island of the Maldives and initiated this in the context of their ‘Stay Inspired’ initiative. Instagram worthy pictures are becoming increasingly important and we spotted several hotels in the past responding to this fact. They all respond to the need for that one image taken from the right angle and at the right time. With the Instagram butler, it must be possible to take images of the beautiful beaches and evenly beautiful sunsets of the Maldives.

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The Loop | Instagrammable ‘horchata and churros’


The Loop does sell churros in Westminster, California. They have an Instragram hit with their special horchata with a loop of churros.  A horchata is a Spanish drink from the Valencia region, made of almonds, water and sugar, which creates a milk like substance. At ‘the Loop’ they added activated charcoal which creates a social media-friendly or instagrammable ‘horchata and churros’.   read more

Sir Hotels | Instagram as City Guide


  • Sir HotelsCity Guide
  • Sir HotelsCity Guide

Sir Hotels launched five city guides using Instagram, an innovative manner to inform guests about the city and its must-visit places and areas. Each of the hotels in the collection has its own Instagram account, which has been transformed into an easy-to-use city guide including local favorites and hidden treasures; Sir Savigny’s Guide for Berlin, Sir Nikolai’s Guide for Hamburg, Sir Joan Guide for Ibiza, and Two Guides for Amsterdam; the sophisticated Sir Albert in ‘De Pijp’ and the hip Sir Adam located in the A’dam Tower in Amsterdam Noord. read more

Instagrammable | Food created for the perfect picture


We sometimes wonder whether it’s about the food or the picture you can make from it! We were in the process of making a list of highly Instagrammable food when we caught the daily dose of inspiration of Trendwatching this morning. Their inspiration this morning: The Tasty One Top. A Bluetooth-enabled, multi-function induction cooktop which can pan fry, slow cook and sous-vide, which will be on the market as from November. Created by Buzzfeed’s Tasty (online content) in partnership with co-creation community ‘startup’ First Build, supported by GE. Check out the video above which will show you how in the near future every consumer can create a perfect ‘Instagrammable’ meal with the Tasty One Top. We haven’t seen a better indication of the importance of Instagram and social media like Facebook.

But back to the list we have made of foods highly ‘Instagrammable’! If you like to read the whole article, click the title. Enjoy reading! read more

KFC |introduces a game on Instagram


As far as we were aware Instagram is used to share pictures, clips and social cinema. KFC has launched a game on Instagram though, the ‘Colonel Saunders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken Football Challenge’.

A game on Instagram

KFC has launched “Colonel Saunders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken Football Challenge’, where Instagrammers can “play” on an American Football field across different animations on the social media platform. The game tags Instagram accounts, which players can click on to reach a new stage. KFC’s game utilizes 31 animations and 35 different Instagram accounts to tell the story of a short football game.

Great way to get more followers and likes with the Super Bowl less than a month away. Created by agency Wieden + Kennedy.

Instagram | the perfect social media network for hotels, restaurants and cafés


  • Conservatorium Hotel
  • Restaurant Hemingway
  • Restaurant One
  • Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

The visual social network Instagram is the best marketing platform for sharing photos of hotels, restaurant or bars. You can share photos of your property, the surroundings, the food and drinks. All to make your future guest excited about the experience those photos promises. read more

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