The Loop | Instagrammable ‘horchata and churros’


The Loop does sell churros in Westminster, California. They have an Instragram hit with their special horchata with a loop of churros.  A horchata is a Spanish drink from the Valencia region, made of almonds, water and sugar, which creates a milk like substance. At ‘the Loop’ they added activated charcoal which creates a social media-friendly or instagrammable ‘horchata and churros’.  

Instagrammable ‘horchata and churros’

The idea came from the brand’s co-owner Jed Cartojano, who had been looking for a classic horchata to add to its menu, but in a creative way. Based on the many images on Instagram, they succeeded. The Loop uses activated charcoal in the beverage, which doesn’t affect its taste but would enhance its appearance and texture and add a nutritious element to the horchatas. The result: a beverage that smoothly transitions from black to gray, and then to white. The Loop restyled a classic drink like the horchata! They also serve the looped churros with soft ice cream. Watch here the video about The Loop.

Website: The Loop

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