The Upside Down Amsterdam | The largest ‘Instagram museum’ in Europe


  • Anna Nooshin in The Upside Down Amsterdam - credits The Upside Down Amsterdam
  • Anna Nooshin in The Upside Down Amsterdam - credits The Upside Down Amsterdam
  • The Upside Down Amsterdam
  • The Upside Down Amsterdam

On the third of July Anna Nooshin opened the doors of her own completely new Instagram museum: The Upside Down Amsterdam. After a year and a half of brainstorming, planning and searching for the perfect location, this dream has come true in collaboration with entrepreneur Hans Plesman. Visitors can immerse themselves in a completely new museum experience. The Upside Down Amsterdam also wants to activate social involvement and bring a deeper message. Attention is asked for ‘forgotten children’, among other things, with which they support the foundation ‘Het vergeten Kind’ (the Forgotten Child). The initiators believe that everyone has the right to play and that’s why they are opening up the experience to this target group in cooperation with the foundation.

“It’s great that after years this dream can finally be realised. With The Upside Down Amsterdam we want to create so much more than just an Instagram worthy museum. We want to tell a story about the Netherlands of today and give visitors and creatives the opportunity to fully develop themselves in our museum. In addition, one of our most important pillars besides entertainment is education and we will focus on lectures and master classes where experienced content creators and influencers share their creative passion with our visitors”, says Anna Nooshin.

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Largest in Europe

With 1500 square meters and 25 rooms and decors, The Upside Down Amsterdam can call itself the largest Instagram museum in Europe. Immediately at the entrance you lose the feeling of being up and down in a rotating vortex, after which you step into life-sized and moving RGB projections. You stand upside down in the Royal Room, experience life below sea level in the Infinity Room, after which you enter the Chocolate Shower in Candyland. A visit takes about 1 to 1.5 hours and takes you on an adventure to another world.

Initiator Henk Plesman is happy that The Upside Down Amsterdam can open in these crazy times

“Especially in these crazy times, we want to offer a refreshing and positive experience for our target group and stimulate the senses and ambition. We are there especially for content creators, a platform, or even better, a living room for everyone who wants to create. Our venue inspires, with plenty of room for self-expression. We work together with stubborn brands that offer visitors their own experience. Think of Magnum, who completely transformed an entire space. The Upside Down Amsterdam stands for boundlessness, shamelessness, ambition, creativity and imagination, but also for pride, inclusiveness and togetherness”, says Henk Plesman.

Open seven days a week

The Upside Down Amsterdam is open daily from 10.00 to 19.00 and Friday and Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00. Tickets for allocated times can be reserved via their website. Besides the experience, The Upside Down Amsterdam also has its own lunch café and shop, which can also be visited without a ticket. The Upside Down Amsterdam can be found at Europaboulevard 5, in Amsterdam, directly opposite the RAI and the Europaplein stop on the North/South line and within walking distance of Amsterdam RAI station. There is a spacious car park under The Upside Down Amsterdam.

Website: The Upside Down Amsterdam

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