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Sir Hotels launched five city guides using Instagram, an innovative manner to inform guests about the city and its must-visit places and areas. Each of the hotels in the collection has its own Instagram account, which has been transformed into an easy-to-use city guide including local favorites and hidden treasures; Sir Savigny’s Guide for Berlin, Sir Nikolai’s Guide for Hamburg, Sir Joan Guide for Ibiza, and Two Guides for Amsterdam; the sophisticated Sir Albert in ‘De Pijp’ and the hip Sir Adam located in the A’dam Tower in Amsterdam Noord.

Instagram as City Guide

Instagram can be extremely useful for companies. We wrote several articles about the social network, it’s the perfect tool for hotels, restaurants and cafés. We even made a list of Instagrammable Food, in which we show examples of restaurants that give their guests the opportunity to shoot the perfect image. We haven’t seen a city guide created in Instagram before but the Instagram pages of the Sir Hotels are looking promising.

Liran Wizman, founder and owner of Sir Hotels, said: “This innovative project gives us the opportunity to create exceptional experiences for our guests by connecting them with the city, local community and culture using a familiar platform. The City Guides reflect the unique character of each hotel and neighborhood and offers users the opportunity to experience these cities the same way as locals.”

Familiar format

By combining the characteristic Instagram grid with custom graphics and color coding, the five accounts are expanding the existing and known format. The Instagram interface is optimized; each account uses the raster layout to split the different city tips in a beautiful way. The titles for these categories, such as ‘Art’ and ‘Feel Good Food’, is a grid of several blocks, which effectively divides the screen and is both aesthetically appealing and user-friendly. The main features of the app, such as geo location and tag function, are already integrated so that users can easily get additional information about each tip.

Bron: Sir Hotels

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