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Bounce, the home of Ping Pong in London, launches a digital evolution of Ping Pong for the ‘social gaming generation’. The Ping Pong bar recently added Wonderball tables to their locations which makes ping pong available for everyone. The future meets the traditional world and combines technology with the old school table tennis.

Projection mapping

With the use of the art of projection mapping they create various new levels of excitement. The tables offer the opportunity to play different fun-filled and sparking energetic game modes, which are perfect for an afternoon or evening, over drinks or as a group activity. The Wonderball tech tables use ball tracking technology and the latest laser projection mapping, which beams 4K resolution game-play onto the surface of the table. This combined with custom designed software result in a giant interactive arcade that even keeps track of your score!


Bounce in London is the first who’s offering the Wonderball tables. They own nine tables divided over two venues in London and expect to expand the number of tables in 2018. The tables will be perfect for all Family Entertainment Centres and Arcadehalls across the globe. Project mapping is a new evolution in the game world, since there are now boundaries. Besides an interactive climbing wall we also spotted interactive squashing.

Website: Bounce Ping Pong

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