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How sports is getting affected, in a positive way, by the newest technology. interactiveSQUASH is an example of how sports and technology can influence athletes in a positive matter.

interactiveSQUASH technology

The interactiveSQUASH hardware system upgrades standard squash courts with digital training and games functionality. interactiveSQUASH games are designed to get players active and engaged. Players can now choose from a huge range of solo, cooperative and competitive games with full-color graphics and sound – all using the same racket and balls used in regular squash.

interactiveSQUASH training modules assesses and coaches players in new ways. For the first time ever, players can track their performances with insight statistics and analysis. The accompanying smartphone app puts all this in the palm of your hand, so everyone can see directly how you’re performing or performed.

Train mode

interactiveSQUASH training modules are designed to hone skills and techniques directly related to competitive squash. Players receive visual cues, feedback and audio instructions during the training modules. Players are also given real-time feedback and assessments on their performance.

Game mode

Designed to be fun and engaging with multiple levels, bright graphics and sounds. They have been created according to the motto ‘Focus on the fun and not the burn’. The result, enjoyable and engaging sports-based workouts. Some games might tell a story, others are just to let squash players try a new style of play – all are guaranteed to keep them coming back for more.

Augmented Climbing Walls

In October 2016 we already wrote about the use of technology in a fun way on a climbing wall. Interactive technology will only be used more and more the coming years in normal live. Curious about the newest technology’s in the future? Keep on following us and we will show what’s happening around world!

Website: interactiveSQUASH

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