Win recipes for at home in the Orangerie De Pol-app


  • Chef Mark Captein - credits Karien NieuwenhuisChef Mark Captein - credits Karien Nieuwenhuis
  • Orangerie De Pol-appOrangerie De Pol-app

Restaurant Orangerie De Pol in Doetinchem has developed an app that allows guests to play games to win recipes to cook at home as well as an appetizer to enjoy in the restaurant. Participants in the game in the Orangerie De Pol app must cut as many ingredients as possible for a chance to win a reward.

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The game in the Orangerie De Pol-app is a nod to…

The Orangerie De Poll-app is a nod to the popular Fruit Ninja game and is available to download for free in the app store. The game features chef and owner Mark Captein of Orangerie De Poll pictured in the kitchen, who, at your command, must literally chop the right ingredients by swiping across the screen at the right place and at the right time. If this is performed successfully several times, the participant unlocks a recipe for a dish which they can prepare at home.

Updated app with contemporary dishes

‘A regular guest at our restaurant from Engine Software bv designed the game several years ago. It has now been updated with new, contemporary dishes,’ said Captein, who uses the app as part of the restaurant’s marketing mix.

Captein continues: ‘It’s unique for a restaurant to have its own game. Not only can you win recipes for at home, if you get far enough in the game you will also receive a reward. By showing this digital reward on your phone in our restaurant, you will receive an extra amuse’.

Orangerie De Pol

Orangerie De Pol is located in a unique building in the outskirts of Doetinchem. The restaurant is affiliated with JRE-Nederland, an organization for young promising restaurateurs. Captein was named JRE Chef of the Year in 2021.

The restaurant is run by chef Mark Captein and hostess Marjolein van der Ham, who achieved the title JRE Hostess of the Year 2020. Orangerie De Pol is among the better dining establishments of the Achterhoek region and has entries in the leading restaurant guides of Michelin, Lekker and Gault&Millau.

Website: Orangerie De Pol.

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