Win a hotel (2) | Who has won it?


The first of December 2016 we published an article about the contest of the YUP hotel. Through the website, you could enter the contest to win the whole hotel for a day and who you would like to invite as guests. The winner of the contest of the YUP Hotel*** in Hasselt is Lien Verwimp and not the person who entered the contest with the wish to mess up the hotel with a bunch young people. The latter we understand! Tomorrow (September 8 2017) Lien receives her guests and we wish them a great get-together!

Win a hotel | How did Lien Verwimp win?

The YUP Hotel received no less than 822 entries for this contest. Based on the nicest, most original answers and stories, the YUP team voted for the best story from Lien.

Lien’s winning answer: “I have recently returned from a world trip through Australia and Asia for several months. A great experience but of course, I have missed a lot of people during that period. I thought I could see them all within a short period of times, but it wasn’t that easy. Most of my friends are between 22 and 30 years old and have a busy schedule. So, I still haven’t seen everybody.  Additionally, I have a lot of different groups of friends which doesn’t make it easier! In addition, part of my family lives in Italy and I haven’t seen them yet either. Creating a moment that brings everyone together in one place would be an ideal ‘welcome back’ opportunity! This action by YUP Hotel Hasselt is therefore an ideal moment for me. The best Christmas gift, I could wish for. Even if I don’t win the contest: really great idea!”

Similar answers/stories submitted to the contest are: YUP as a wedding venue or as a venue to ask a partner to marry. A mailman entered with the wish to invite everyone where he delivers the mail or overworked mothers who thought they deserved some me-time.

Website: YUP

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