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You can win the YUP hotel in Hasselt (Belgium) for one night. The whole hotel is for the winner for one night, he or she determines the date and who can all come along. You can participate at where you can let them know why you should win, and who will be your guests.

Win a hotel

You can participate until Sunday January the 8th. Monday, January 9 the YUP Hotel selects the lucky winner. The competition is organized by Different Hotels which has 12 hotels in Belgian Limburg, one of them is the YUP hotel in Hasselt. YUP stands for Young Urban Professional. A yup or a yuppie was in the 80s a young successful working woman or man who loved luxury and comfort. YUP clearly defines the profile of the guest for the hotel; a modern adventurer who is looking for relaxation and enjoyment. Who likes comfort, service and the style of a boutique hotel but rather chooses an affordable, innovative, modern and surprising stay.

YUP Hotel has 59 Cabins, small but very cleverly decorated rooms of 12 m2. The YUP Cabin has a top quality cocoon bed, air conditioning, multifunction LCD screen to stay in touch with your friends, free Wi-Fi, a rain shower, toilet, hairdryer and Yuppie shower gel.

You can eat YUP food at the restaurant Pasta e Pane. Here you can enjoy the Italian way of shared dining.

Website: The YUP hotel

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