What will be the name of the new restaurant of Hilton Rotterdam?


It’s almost time for the opening of the new restaurant of Hilton Rotterdam! About one and half month ago Hilton launched a contest for residents of Rotterdam to come up with the best name for the new restaurant. In the meantime, 10 names were selected and is it up to the jury to decide which name will win the contest.

The ten names

The contest started the beginning of May and the people from Rotterdam had until the 10th of May to come up with a name. It caused a lot of inspiration. People could apply via a special Facebookpage, preferably with an explanation of the chosen name. Now there is a selection of 10 names, the names are:

Conrad’s Kitchen
Het Palet

The creator of the new name wins a completely arranged dinner in the new restaurant on the chef’s table. Besides that, the creator of the name will be a VIP guest at the opening on the 30th of June. Also, the creator of the best name gets a night for 2 persons in the presidential suite in the Hilton.

What name do you think suits best to the new restaurant?

Website: Hilton Rotterdam

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