Hilton Rotterdam is looking for a name for its new restaurant


Hilton Rotterdam will open a new restaurant soon and this restaurant needs a name. Help is needed! As creator of the new name you will be rewarded big. Until the 10th of May, entries can be send in.

A contest is always fun

Contests are nothing new. For years you can join all kind of contests and competitions to win something. Although it has been around so long, it’s still being done and still fun! With this contest Hilton Rotterdam involves future guests with the new restaurant as well as generating free publicity before opening.

Chef Stephan Nijst

There is one week left for everyone to submit a name for the, yet unnamed, restaurant headed by chef Stephan Nijst. The restaurant is supposed to open in June with a menu card that will adapt to every seasons, in a way that no restaurant has done before. The change of the season will not only be visible on the menu, but in all aspects of the restaurant. Stephan worked for ‘De Eetclub’ in Scheveningen and was featured in the Dutch version of the reality show ‘My Restaurant Rules’.

The name needs to reflect…

The winner of the name contest will win big prices. Not only will you be the guest of honour during the official opening, you will also win a diner for two persons at the Chef’s Table and you can spend the night in the presidential suite in the Hilton Rotterdam. However, winning is not that easy. The name of the new restaurant should reflect the international character of Rotterdam as well as the typical atmosphere of the restaurant. Also, the name should be familiar towards International guests and must be recognizable to every nationality. It does not matter whether the new name is English or Dutch.

City icon Hilton Rotterdam

The Hilton Rotterdam is one of the city icons in Rotterdam. The architect Huig Maaskant designed the building which was opened in 1963. By opening a new restaurant the Hilton aims to attract more guests from outside the hotel. The plans for the restaurants are ready, only the name is missing.


Participants of the contest can submit their names until the 10th of May 2016. You can post them either on Facebook (www.facebook.com/hiltonssecret) or mail it towards Hilton through this email address: rtmhi.secret@hilton.com.

Website: Hilton

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