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  • Budapest Brand and The Trip BoutiqueBudapest Brand and The Trip Boutique
  • The website of Budapest BrandThe website of Budapest Brand
  • The Hero Square - (Hősök tere) in BudapestThe Hero Square - (Hősök tere) in Budapest
  • Parlement Building in BudapestParlement Building in Budapest
  • Freedom Bridge in BudapestFreedom Bridge in Budapest
  • Budapest - Castle districtBudapest - Castle district
  • Budapest - Castle districtBudapest - Castle district
  • Budapest - Castle districtBudapest - Castle district

Budapest Brand and The Trip Boutique are partnering to provide Budapest visitors with free AI-based personalized itineraries. The Trip Boutique and Budapest Brand, the official marketing organization for Budapest, announce the launch of a partnership by which Budapest Brand integrated The Trip Boutique’s solution into its website and will offer custom-made itineraries supplied by The Trip Boutique. The personalized Budapest itineraries match the visitors’ interests, styles, and tastes and can be requested free of charge on Budapest Brand’s official website.

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Budapest Brand is the first partner to benefit from The Trip Boutique’s new embedded solution. This novel plug-and-play (‘2 lines of code’) service allows any travel brand to offer a seamless and enhanced personalized user experience within their own website with minimal effort.

Discover your Budapest with AI-based personalized itineraries

“Artificial intelligence is already being used in many areas of the travel and tourism industry. Whether it’s chatbots that help book flights, hotel booking engines, automated airport baggage kiosks or social media ads, thanks to AI technology, travel planning becomes easier, more efficient and personal and that will make travelers happier”, says Csaba Faix, CEO of Budapest Brand Plc.  “With the groundbreaking service developed by our partner, The Trip Boutique, they enable visitors traveling to Budapest to discover places and gain experiences that best suit their individuality.”, continues Csaba Faix.

Fernanda Barrence Mutz, founder and CEO of The Trip Boutique adds: “In a world of Netflix and Spotify, travelers now expect personalized offers. Our unique technology creates hyper-personalized itineraries based on travelers’ individual interests and preferences. This will enable visitors to enjoy Budapest the way that fits them best. At the same time, we help Budapest Brand and other DMOs to showcase their destination in an appealing way, get better insights on their visitors and monetize their offer in a novel, more targeted, manner.”

About the collaboration with Budapest Brand, she says: “We’re very excited to be partnering with Budapest Brand. Throughout our collaboration, Budapest Brand has shown an innovative spirit and desire to provide the best possible experience to their visitors and we’re happy to be able to support them.”

About Budapest Brand

Budapest Brand Plc. is Budapest’s official organization for tourism, culture and marketing activities, responsible for the official and strategic management of Budapest as a destination. Budapest Brand provides comprehensive information to tourists, professional partners and the media on topics connected to tourism and cultural life in Budapest through various channels including its online platform. This online platform is comprised of a number of websites which include – Budapest’s official tourism and cultural site, and – a promotional and sales platform for information and special offers regarding the official tourism card.

About The Trip Boutique

The Trip Boutique is an award-winning Swiss travel-tech company focused on AI-based personalization of travel experiences. By innovatively combining artificial intelligence with human expertise, The Trip Boutique has built a suite of proprietary tools and matching technology to identify the hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, programs, attractions and experiences in a destination that best fit each traveler’s interests, lifestyle and tastes. Through a modular solution, The Trip Boutique allows travel brands to elevate their customers’ experience by offering personalized advisory and itineraries while gaining rich data insights and monetizing their content and inventory.

Artificial Intelligence is also used in the world of hospitality – even in kitchens like Winnow and the Trashbot by Cleanrobotics.

Website: Budapest Brand and The Trip Boutique

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