Tropical bar de Tulp | Shared dining


Recently the tropical bar ‘de Tulp’ (The Tulip) opened its doors at Marie Heinekenplein 33, in the famous quarter ‘De Pijp’ in Amsterdam. Owners Jos de Jong and Sven Sallaerts (Pesca) have collaborated with Maarten de Vries, Sunny Bakhtiar and Jamie van der Will (Jajem, the Kopstootbar) for this new tropical bar. The name of de Tulp (the Tulip) refers to the famous glass in which we serve the Dutch jenever (gin).

Interior | A true experience

Taking a look at the interior and exterior, the word tropical is a good description. For example, the veranda has a colourful Caribbean look and the jungle of plants in the interior must give their guest the idea that they’re abroad. After dining the tables are pushed aside to make room for a dance floor according to South American tradition, making it easy to stay in the holiday mood!

Menu | Shared dining

At the menu of ‘de Tulp’ you will find several wooden boards on which they serve three small, surprising dishes. For dinner, the wooden boards are available in two different sizes and are suitable for various occasions and useful for sharing. The shared dining boards are also on the menu during lunch, although it’s also possible to order a sandwich, salad or toast.

Neighbourhood De Pijp

De Tulp wants to involve nearby residents in various activities. To achieve this, a special program for children is being offered on Sunday afternoon. They can sign up for DJ classes and participate in activities such as children’s bingo or trying to break the world record swinging.

Opening Hours of De Tulp

De Tulp is open from Monday to Thursday and on Sunday from 11:00 to 01:00 for lunch, dinner, snacks and cocktails and they stay open until 03:00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

Website: De Tulp

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