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The biological Amsterdam jenever (Dutch gin) brand Jajem existed 1 year late December, reason for a big celebration. Therefore, they sell 300 limited edition bottles of 1 year matured Jajem at their own Kopstootbar and they organized a great birthday party.

Jubilee Jajem Jenever

It’s already a year ago that the young jenever brand Jajem was born. A year passed in which Jajem suddenly appeared everywhere in Amsterdam. The brains behind the innovative Kopstootje, Sunny, Maarten and Jamie, obviously couldn’t let this anniversary pass unnoticed and grabbed the opportunity to organize a big party. This party was celebrated in the Chicago Social Club in Amsterdam last year on December the 27th . And how, the roof went off with performances by various DJs. Of course there was no lack of Jajem at the party. After all, the one who is celebrating, should treat!


The Kopstootbar’s is the bar of the brand’s jenever Jajem. After selling quite some drinks at the successful pop-up concept, the final doors opened in August at the Leidseplein. Next to the Dutch Jajem , this Kopstootbar also sells ‘simple’ dishes, international ‘kopstootjes’ and on a regular base DJ’s  will perform at the turntables.

Jajem Jenever

Jajem is a biological Amsterdam gin brand. The combination of the ingredients elderflower, lemon and hibiscus creates do create the special soft flavour of Jajem, which is the old fashioned word for jenever in Amsterdam. Jajem is locally brewed in the capital and gives the traditional ‘Dutch Courage’ new life.

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