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At Horecatrends we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week, amongst others: Walmart opens organic Fast-Food restaurant in Orlando location and self-serving ice-cream at ice cream vans.

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Walmart Opens Organic Fast-Food Restaurant In Orlando Location

Super store chain Walmart, have opened an outpost of Grown, their first “farm-to-fork” fast food restaurant in an Orlando, Florida location. We wrote about the concept last year, where you’ll find fruit smoothies, salads with salmon, gluten free pancakes and wraps on the menu. Shannon Allen is the creator of grown, supporter by her man Ray Allen (two-time NBA champion). The Allen’s are passionate advocates for research for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes in honor of their seven-year-old son, Walker.

Play with otters and chinchilla’s in this Japanese café

If the countless cat cafes aren’t up your street, never fear: There’s another spot where you can cuddle with cute animals without having to become a pet-owner or a zookeeper. The Harry Cafe started as a hedgehog-only zone, but they’ve now expanded to housing otters and chinchillas, too. The hedgehogs are still there, but they can now peer at otters and chinchillas, too.

Self-serving ice-cream at ice cream vans

Barclaycard has tested a self-serving ice-cream, which allows customers to pour their own ice-cream in less than 60 seconds by paying with their contactless card. According to the bank, this means the contactless technology should reduce your waiting time by almost eight minutes. The prototype was just being tested for one week, but if successful Barclaycard might roll it out in the near future

Limited edition snacks with your Bottle Service

This specialty snack nightclub in Toronto’s ‘Little Portugal’ neighborhood serves limited edition and imported snacks alongside its bottle service. Food items like Fourth of July Oreos, Wasabi-flavored Pringles and hard-to-find Pop Tart flavors grace the tables of in-the-know bar goers. Fun addition next to your bottle of vodka or rum.

McDonald’s in search of digital innovation

With support from Publicis.Sapient, another global leader in consulting services, Capgemini will be McDonald’s global IT strategic provider for restaurant and digital capabilities. “McDonald’s has launched an assertive strategy to transform its business through innovation; we embrace the opportunity to put digital innovation at the core of their business,” said Paul Hermelin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Capgemini Group. “We appreciate McDonald’s vision and trust. We look forward to supporting their growth plan by developing new ways to dramatically enhance the customer and employee experience, and restaurant operations.”

Reserve with Google

Find your spa, nail saloon or hairdresser through Google and search for the book button! It’s as easy as that! Quite a few organizations started working with Google at this direct booking button. From what we understood it’s also possible to book fitness classes this way. And Google is in search for other more bookable services in the future. Restaurants? Hotels? We’re kind of wondering what they will be asking as booking fee?

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