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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

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With this week articles about amongst others blue raspberries, their origin and how they are used in products today. Have you hear about them? And about the opening of a new luxury hotel, the Cheval Blanc Paris, with rooms with panoramic views of the Seine.

Chance the Rapper collaborates with Starbucks to promote Starbucks’s ‘Ready to Drink’ canned and bottled coffees with the help of a TikTok campaign, with prizes including a one-on-one video moment with Chance. And an idea to save energy by storing your vegetables in ‘The Groundfridge’. Great idea for chefs who have their own vegetable garden.

We couldn’t find more information yet, but we spotted on the Instagram page of The Avocado Show that they are opening a location in London this summer! We wish their team a lot of success with the opening.

Inspiration for municipalities from Tokyo, the Nippon Foundation launched a new toilet facility as part of ‘THE TOKYO TOILET’ which makes toilets much more accessible to the public. Very handy especially if all restaurants and bars are closed, like during the pandemic!

Future Meat Technologies that has opened the world’s first industrial cultured meat facility. We wonder which food safety authority will be the first to allow human consumption!

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Blue raspberry | Did you ever hear about it? We didn’t

Thanks to Food and Wine (link in the title) for enlightening us! We actually never heard about blue raspberry and were surprised by the images used to colour their article. Just check it out, it looks so real! As we love raspberries, we’re always ready to try a new species. Have you ever tried the golden raspberries? We thought they tasted great but we remain fans of the red raspberries. As for the blue ones, unfortunately it seems that all the blue raspberry flavoured ice cream, slushies, ice pops etc. are made with food colouring, called Brilliant Blue FCF. Great to read the history of this blue raspberry flavour that started in 1958! But unlike we first thought, we don’t have to taste them now!

LVMH-Owned Cheval Blanc Paris will open its doors September 2021

Set to be Europe’s biggest luxury hotel opening of 2021, LVMH-owned Cheval Blanc Paris is announcing the opening date, this September 7th.  Reservations are open from June 21st.

Designed by architect Peter Marino, Paris newest hotel is extraordinary, from the architecture to the fittings and the amenities. It has 72 exclusive rooms and suites and offers panoramic views of the Seine River. It sounds like a hotel in the heart and soul of Paris. With an ultra-luxe Dior spa with its gently rippling swimming pool, state-of-the-art exercise facilities and 6 treatment rooms. The hotel has four dining venues, headed by by 3-Michelin-starred chef Arnaud Donckele and Pastry Chef Maxime Frédéric. And according to the article at Four Magazine, link in the title, the hotel has an extraordinary rooftop with panoramic Seine River views.

Chance the Rapper x Starbucks | The Made Ready campaign

Chance has three Grammy Awards, a new concert film, “Magnificent Coloring World”, and is now partnering with Starbucks for the Made Ready campaign, inspired by Starbucks ready to drink coffees. The new Made Ready campaign is inspired by Starbucks Ready to drink canned and bottled coffees. Chance will drop his #MadeReadyDuet TikTok challenge, inviting customers to duet with him and share their “Made Ready moment” – showing how they are ready for whatever is in front of them. Three winners will receive a personalized shout-out from Chance and a bottomless mini-fridge* with a one-year supply of Starbucks bottled and canned coffees. One grand prize winner will also win a live one-on-one video moment with Chance where he’ll hype them up for their next big moment. A rather long but interesting read and video at the website of Starbucks Stories, link in the title. Watch the video and the text will continue below the video.

Growing your own vegetables is popular | This ‘Groundfridge’ might fit on your land

An bit older idea, spotted at Springwise (link in the title) but we never spotted it before, did you? Refrigerators typically use around 1 to 2-kilowatt hours of energy each day. While not as much as some other appliances, this is still a lot of energy. Now, Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek has developed a stylish and energy-efficient alternative – the ‘Groundfridge’. So many chefs are growing their own vegetables now, it might be an idea to install a ‘Groundfridge’ at the garden to keep your veggies fresh. Check out the video from 2019 below, it explains a lot! The text continues below the video.

London is getting an Avocado Show this summer!

And the title is about all we can mention, informed by the Instagram post by The Avocado Show themselves, link in the title. We know that they had a pop-up in March at Bluebird in Chelsea, so we’re a bit curious where and when they will open in London. London is home to its very own avocado-oriented spot Avobar, but we think that London is big enough to have a second location with all avocado on the menu. Even Amsterdam has 2 locations and a to go location. Anyway we wish the team in London lots of success.


We wrote about ‘THE TOKYO TOILET’ project by the Nippon foundation last year. And we write about this new toilet of them as friendly reminder to all other big cities! If we learned one thing in the pandemic it is that will all bars and restaurants closed, a stroll through the city is one without having the possibility to go to a decent toilet! Start your own toilet project!

On June 24th, 2021, Nabeshimashoto Park toilet, Shibuya Tokyo, designed by Kengo Kuma opened recently, which is a part of their project “THE TOKYO TOILET”. Mr. Kuma designed a toilet village inside the lush greenery of Nabeshima Shoto Park. The five huts, each covered with eared cedar board louvers installed at random angles, are connected by a walk in the woods that disappears into the forest. More in the link in the title and you can check the video by the Nippon Foundation, text continues below the video.

Future Meat Technologies launches the world’s first industrial cultured meat production facility

Future Meat Technologies, an industry-leading company developing innovative technology to produce cultured meat, has opened the world’s first industrial cultured meat facility. With the capability to produce 500 kilograms of cultured products a day, equivalent to 5,000 hamburgers, this facility makes scalable cell-based meat production a reality. Check out their press release in the link in the title. Or watch the video below.

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