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  • Trends we spotted
  • Evenementenlocatie SugarCity Events heeft een nieuwe naam SugarFactoryEvenementenlocatie SugarCity Events heeft een nieuwe naam SugarFactory
  • Nieuwe producten bij McDonalds McFlurry Maltesers en Pop-DotsNieuwe producten bij McDonalds McFlurry Maltesers en Pop-Dots
  • Podium Mozaïek - Terras - credits Obed AkiharyPodium Mozaïek - Terras - credits Obed Akihary
  • Het Bucketlist Programma van IHCPHet Bucketlist Programma van IHCP
  • Checkers & Rally's 'Drive-Thru' Restaurants Game showCheckers & Rally's 'Drive-Thru' Restaurants Game show

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about, among other things, the lightest champagne bottle in the world from Telmont Champagne, made from glass with 35 grams less weight than the standard bottle. And event location SugarCity Events has a new name: SugarFactory, located in Halfweg near Amsterdam.

A ‘Bucket List Program’ for the employees of the Dutch hotel management company IHCP to attract and keep more staff. And Podium Mozaïek in Amsterdam West is looking for a hospitality partner.

McDonald’s will introduce new products this summer in the Netherlands, including the Milk Shake Tropical, McFlurry Maltesers, (Veggie) McWrap Greek and Pop Dots. And in London, the Prada Caffé has opened, an ultra-stylish ‘caffé’ in Harrods. A pop-up until early 2024.

The ‘Do good’ initiative of the ‘The Present Movement’ received an investment from the Start Foundation for scaling up their homeless program ‘ROOM FOR CHANGE’. This program helps economically homeless people who are temporarily accommodated in hotels.

The Michelin stars have been published in Germany. Chef Jan Hartwig was immediately awarded 3 Michelin stars in his new restaurant JAN. And spotted in America: the first ‘Rule the Drive-Thru’ game show from Checkers® & Rally’s®.

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The Prada Caffé | Ultra-stylish ‘caffé’ opens its doors in Harrods

A great pop-up opened its doors in Harrods, their latest fashion-café and newest dining experience, the Prada Caffé. A must visit for those who want to show it on Instagram and TikTok. A mint green interior and serving small breakfast plates and Italian pastries, to pasta dishes and pizzettes. And a classic cocktail menu! The pop-up will remain open until January 7th 2024. More details in the article on Secret London, link in the title.

MICHELIN Guide Germany 2023 | Chef Jan Hartwig rewarded with 3 Michelin stars

Restaurant JAN (open since October 25 2022) by chef Jan Hartwig has been directly rewarded 3 Michelin stars. His cooking has caused a sensation among the famously anonymous inspectors of the MICHELIN Guide. The chef, who was already known for his 3-Star cuisine in Munich’s Atelier, has once again made it into the top league, which makes him one of Germany’s best chefs. More details in the article at the Guide Michelin, link in the title.

First ever QSR game show | Checkers® & Rally’s® new “Rule the Drive-Thru” game show

Checkers & Rally’s, an iconic drive-thru restaurant chain known for flavorful, craveable food at a great value, merges fun and food in a way never before tasted with its new “Rule the Drive-Thru” weekly game show. The show, which debuted recently, surprises unsuspecting drive-thru guests with fry-filled activities and prizes. Check out their press release, link in the title. Or watch their Instagram post.


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Telmont launches the lightest champagne bottle in the world

After a successful test phase led by the French glass manufacturer Verallia, Champagne Telmont will gradually introduce the lightest champagne bottle. Weighing 800 grams, this bottle is 35 grams lighter than the current standardized weight of a champagne bottle. More details can be found in the article on The Drinks Business, link in the title.


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Een bericht gedeeld door Champagne Telmont (@champagnetelmont)

Event venue SugarCity Events has a new name: SugarFactory

SugarFactory is located on the SugarCity site, which was developed by the Cobraspen Group on the site of the former CSM sugar factory in Halfweg near Amsterdam. This factory was in operation from the mid-nineteenth century until the early 1990s. With the new name, SugarFactory proudly recalls this impressive industrial past. The Cobraspen Group, a real estate and area developer, focuses on the preservation of monumental and industrial heritage by restoring, transforming, and giving it a new function or purpose.

Bucket list program for the employees of Dutch hotel management company IHCP

The Dutch hotel management company IHCP has launched a new concept to further connect with its employees. By introducing the so-called ‘Bucketlist Program’, employees can finally do what they have on their long-cherished wish list, at partly the company’s expense. IHCP is an umbrella organization that includes Moxy Amsterdam Airport, Renaissance Amsterdam Airport, Moxy The Hague, Residence Inn by Marriott The Hague, and Mercure Amersfoort. After an employee has been with the company for six months, the company saves 25 euros per month (in addition to their salary), which is placed in a personal savings account. There are four levels at which employees can receive the money to cross something off their bucket list. The starting point is 250 euros, and the maximum amount a person can save is 1000 euros. If an employee wants to withdraw the saved amount, IHCP will deposit the net savings amount simultaneously with their monthly salary into their account. The employees’ bucket lists are displayed in the staff restaurant, allowing everyone to see what they are saving for.

Podium Mozaïek is looking for a hospitality partner in Amsterdam West

Podium Mozaïek is looking for a professional and creative partner who, like them, has a warm relationship with, or wants to build a relationship with, the neighborhood and the theater in Amsterdam West. They are looking for a partner who wants to connect and collaborate with Podium Mozaïek in this special location. Check out their vacancies page for more details, link in the title. By the way, there are also fun job openings available on their website.

McDonald’s introduces the Milk Shake Tropical, McFlurry Maltesers, (Veggie) McWrap Greek and more

McDonald’s Netherlands has introduced a number of new favourites for the warmer months, including the Homestyle Crispy Chicken Greek and McWrap Greek, a Burger Bacon Cheese (available exclusively in the app), the Milk Shake Tropical, McFlurry Maltesers, and the sweet snack Pop Dots.

Do good initiative by ‘The Present Movement’ receives investment from Start Foundation to scale up the homeless program ‘ROOM FOR CHANGE’

Start Foundation has invested €182,000 in ROOM FOR CHANGE, an initiative by ‘The Present Movement’, which aims to temporarily accommodate economically homeless people in hotels and then help them transition to housing and work. GiveMe5 asks hotels to make five rooms available for a period of three months so that the homeless can recover in peace and work on their future. For more details, you can visit their website, linked in the title, or watch the video below.


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