Pilot with a four-day work week at Moxy Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


  • Pilot with a four-day work week at Moxy Amsterdam Schiphol AirportPilot with a four-day work week at Moxy Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

A first in the hotel industry – Moxy Amsterdam Schiphol Airport launched a pilot on January 1 of this year in which full-time employees work four days a week as standard. The purpose of this four-day workweek at Moxy Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is to improve employees’ work-life balance and to cover peak times better. The pilot will last one year.

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Working 4 x 9.5 hours | four-day work week at Moxy Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Since January 1 of this year, all full-time employees in operation at Moxy Amsterdam Schiphol Airport have been using the option of a four-day work week. The work week consists of four times 9.5 hours. When this results in higher employee satisfaction, the adjustment will be rolled out among other hotels managed by International Hotel Capital Partners.

Better work-life balance

To meet the needs of (potential) employees, Moxy Amsterdam Schiphol Airport instituted a four-day full-time work week on Jan. 1st. Sanne Zuidhoek-Lindeman, HR manager: “Many people are looking for a better work-life balance. So are we. To investigate how we can achieve that together, we started a pilot in which we divide the full-time work week, which according to the catering collective labour agreement is 38 hours, over four days instead of five. We extend our shifts so that on the one hand we can better manage the peak moments together and on the other hand, we have one more day off. During the pilot, we really look at how this works best for both parties. We measure the results through an employee satisfaction survey and engagement score. The first reactions within the team are promising.”

Part-time employees and employees on 0-hour contracts are now deployed at peak times for support, in combination with a long shift of 9.5 hours when needed. Since they already have a lot of flexibility in their jobs (and ownership since they can choose when to work and when not to work), this benefit has little immediate added value for them.

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