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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. 

With this week links to articles about cultured meat manufacturing at the first plant-to-fork facility The Chicken by SuperMeat in Israel. And a bit older article about the plant-based meat market estimated to be worth billions of dollars. We wonder what the influence of cultured meat will be on those sales numbers 

Japan’s airline ANA sold $1.8 million worth of Economy Class inflight meals to Japanese consumers for at-home dining and Shake Shack begins using AirCarbon cutlery and straws from Restore Foodware at select locations. 

Smarties is the first sweets-brand to switch to recyclable paper packaging anStarbucks recently committed to their future by setting ambitious goals in order to reduce their carbon footprint, water and waste by at least 50% in 2030.  

A link to a great article about the thriving scene of Korean restaurants in New York, with a couple of them with one or two Michelin stars and inspiration for pizzerias: the garlic buttery crust By the Pizza Inn 

Click on the title if you would like to read the full article. Enjoy reading! 

Japan’s airline ANA sold $1.8 million worth of Economy Class inflight meals to Japanese consumers for at-home dining 

ANA, Japan’s largest airline, started selling international economy class inflight meals online on December 11, 2020, in response to customers’ requests. Far beyond the company’s expectations, they were instantly sold out. Since then ANA has offered 264,000 meals and the sales have totaled $1.8 million as of March 12. 

Shake Shack begins using AirCarbon cutlery and straws at select locations 

According to this article on the website of Shake Shack (link in the title) they’re testing cutlery and straws made by microbes of greenhouse gases. The foodware made by Restore Foodware is compostablesoil degradable, and ocean-friendly bus is also carbon negative. This because it’s made by microbes that consume methane and CO2. The AirCarbon is a molecule that can be used much like plastic and other synthetic materials. More information in the article or on the website of Restore Foodware. Across the West Coast, from San Diego to Seattle, Shake Shack will also roll out new aluminum water bottles to replace SHACK 2|O plastic water bottles at select locations. These bottles are 100% reusable, 100% recyclable, and BPA free with triple filtered 7.4 pH spring water. 

New York city’s Korean cuisine is expanding with bold, innovative, chef-driven restaurants 

If you read this article at Robb Report (link in the title) you love to go New York! It seems that the Korean cuisine is evolving in New York. Korean restaurants have long been part of the fabric of New York dining, but the shift from traditional concepts, à la K-town barbecue, to chef-driven restaurants began about a decade ago. With example like DanjiCote (*)Jungsik (**)Atomix (**) and many more.  

Showcase of cultured meat manufacturing at the first plant-to-fork facility at SuperMeat 

We wrote about The Chicken, an innovative, sustainable restaurant experience from SuperMeat, back in December 2020. It is the world’s first test kitchen serving a menu of dishes developed from cultured chicken grown directly from chicken cells, all under the same roof. Their first test kitchen is near Tel Aviv in the city of Ness Ziona. SuperMeat is at the development stage and not is yet commercial. Their test kitchen has been transformed to provide a full cultured meat restaurant experience. In the link in the title a video about the concept by Future Food Tech, interesting to watch and we can’t wait to test similar experiments by the Dutch company Mosa Meat 

Plant-based meat market estimated to be worth billions of Dollars

At Horecatrends we write about plant-based products on a regular basis, two weeks ago we wrote about plant-based Filet Mignon for example. Our expectations for plant-based proteins and products are high, considering all the innovations that will come in this field in the years ahead of us. Polaris Market Research recently published a report in which they state that the plant-based meat market would be a 35.4 Billion Dollars (USD) market by 2027. This is partly due to increasing awareness about animal welfare and growing belief in higher nutritional value in plant-based products in comparison to animal proteins. Especially growing welfare in Asian countries leads to higher demand in animal and plant-based protein in the coming decade. We also wonder what the influence on those sales numbers will be of cultured meat like in the article about SuperMeat (above). 

Smarties first sweets-brand to switch to recyclable paper packaging

Nestlé, the multinational company behind Smarties, recently announced to use recyclable paper packaging for their famous-coloured chocolate sweets after a successful pilot in the United Kingdom last year. According to Global Head of Confectionary Alexander von Maillot, this decision will lead to a decrease of 250 million plastic packages globally for Smarties alone, every year. 

Starbucks sets coffee-specific environmental goals

Starbucks recently committed to their future by setting ambitious goals in order to reduce their carbon footprint, water and waste by at least 50% in 2030. Starbucks just made their commitment at a special moment, the year 2021 marks their 50-year anniversary. By looking back to what has been achieved, it was also time to look ahead and see what needs to be done differently in order to guarantee their position 50 year from now. “As we celebrate 50 years of Starbucks, we are looking ahead at ways we can reimagine the future and continue to inspire and nurture the human spirit,” according to Michelle Burns, Senior Vice President at Starbucks. Starbucks is investing in dozens of projects and initiatives with governments, NGO’s and more than 400.000 farmers the company purchases its coffee from, in over 30 countries worldwide. Click on the title to read Starbuck’s full initiative!  

Pizza crust innovation: Garlic Buttery Crust | By the Pizza Inn

Sounds delicious and inspirational for other pizza company’s: Pizza Inn has updated its crust recipe to feature buttery garlic, Romano and Parmesan cheeses. As from Mach 29 all of Pizza Inn’s house-made crust edges will be finished with the blend. Sounds delicious isn’t it? More at the website of Pizza Market Place, link in the title. The 62-year-old brand and sister brand, Pie Five, have more than 200 stores globally. Rave Restaurant Group is based in Dallas. 

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