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Juicy Marbles from Ljubljana, Slovenia makes history with the first marbled steaks made from plants. With a patent pending on the name, Meat-o-matic Reverse Grinder™ 9000. The founders of Juicy Marbles have been able to mimic the muscle texture and marbling of meat by aligning and layering fibers from the bottom up with all-natural ingredients. 

Did you see the images of this Filet Mignon? It looks like a real Filet Mignon, we hope it will be available in the supermarkets in the Netherlands soon. We would love to taste it! If it’s really the first plant-based Filet Mignon? We recently also wrote about a plant-based version made of wagyu meat, called ‘Waygu’. This product by the Canadian company Top Tier Foods (TTF) is making a limited debut in the US with hopes of rolling out at 4,000 sushi locations nationwide. 

The plant-based Filet Mignon by Juicy Marbles   

With no printing, GMOs or laboratory alterations, Juicy Marbles co-founders Tilen TravnikLuka Sincek and Maj Hrovat, recent Y Combinator Cohorts, have created the first line of raw, plant-based steaks, starting with the most premium cut of them all, ultra-tender Filet Mignon. 

On their journey to create the best plant-based Filet Mignon, they wanted to replicate the feel and look of the meat and eventually they were able to mimic the muscle texture and marbling of meat by aligning and layering fibers from the bottom up with all-natural ingredients. 

“The biggest challenge was getting the right fiber alignment and intramuscular fat structure – the marbling. The most expensive steaks in the world are known for their lush marbling.  It takes a lot of energy and a rare breed of cow to attain that.  With plant meat, we control it and, thus, over time, can scale up our steak production and bring down the price.  Eventually, we’ll be able to make the most premium meats attainable for everyone,” explains Luka Sincek. 

Below is an Instagram post from their account, where you can clearly see how a beautiful crust develops while the inside remains tender! (The article continues below the post) 



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Unlike most other plant-based food companies, Juicy Marbles make raw and unseasoned meats that are just waiting for the home chef or grill master’s unique touch. The world’s first plant-based steaks are now available through the steak-testing program on the Juicy Marbles website.  The steaks ship direct-to-consumer to the 48 States and throughout Europe for a limited time. 

About Juicy Marbles 

Founded in 2020 by Tilen Travnik (food technologist), Luka Sincek (microbiologist) and Maj Hrovat (bio technologist), the company has created the first line of plant-based, whole cut steaks, specifically Filet Mignon, through their patent pending Meat-o-matic Reverse Grinder™ 9000 with the intent of offering consumers a healthy product without forcing an unrealistic change in behavior.  In-house Chef and Brand Creative, Vladimir Mickovic joined the team the same year, alongside Mr. Marbles who is in charge of customer support.  

Website: Juicy Marbles

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