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  • Throne Room - photo credit Farrah Skeiky Dim Sum MediaThrone Room Game of Thrones Bar - photo credit Farrah Skeiky Dim Sum Media
  • Dracarys - photo credit Farrah Skeiky Dim Sum MediaDracarys Game of Thrones Bar - photo credit Farrah Skeiky Dim Sum Media
  • ABQ Bar - Photo Credit Toby Keane PhotographyABQ Breaking Bad Bar - Photo Credit Toby Keane Photography
  • ABQ Bar - Photo Credit Toby Keane PhotographyABQ Breaking Bad Bar - Photo Credit Toby Keane Photography

Hotels, cafés, bars and restaurants with a specific theme, we do spot it more often. Whether it’s a pop-up concept or a permanent location, it’s always fun to see the weird themed bars created by entrepreneurs. A popular theme for a bar nowadays are inspired on TV shows, sitcoms or series, for example recently we wrote about bars named after series like ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Game of Thrones’. We created a list of 10 themed bars inspired by TV shows.

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Breaking Bad

ABQ, is a ‘Breaking Bad’ inspired bar in London. The one that couldn’t be missed in this list! One of the world’s most popular TV series turned in a molecular cocktail bar where you can create your own cocktails in a RV. Just like Walter White’s meth lab in the TV show. You will be working with molecular techniques to ‘cook’ your cocktails and then drink them! They make sure that acids, alcohol, load of highness/fun, music and other stuff are provided.

Game of Thrones

Most fans probably have seen season 7 at this moment and it will take some time before they will be treated with a new season. This pop-up bar, located in Washington D.C., remained open from June till the end of August 2017. At the Game Of Thrones Bar fans could raise their glass with other fans at a 3,000-square-foot “Pop-Up Bar” (PUB), all inspired by the HBO series based on the novels of George R.R. Martin’s.

Gilmore Girls

Another pop-up example was Luke’s Diner, the coffee bar in the TV series Gilmore Girls. Last year, around 200 coffee shops and pubs throughout the United States were transformed into this coffee bar. All to promote the 4 new episodes of Gilmore Girls, “A Year in the Life”. The massive popup was organized by Netflix and lasted ‘only’ one morning.

Sherlock Holmes

The Bletchley in London is a new cocktail bar concept inspired by Alan Turing (mathematician) and fictional spy Sherlock Holmes. Especially for mathematicians who fantasize of playing Sherlock Holmes for once. You need to have some mathematic skills as you will not get your cocktail until you solved different puzzles in this bar.

Stranger Things

A pop up that didn’t please Netflix, was ‘The Stranger Things’ popup in Chicago. The first season was a great success and the Emporium Arcade Bar in Chicago thought that they could earn some money while creating a themed bar. Netflix was not amused and sent a special letter to the owner with the request to close the pop-up. The lyric letter was written in ‘Strangers Things’ style and included references to major actors and locations of the series.


Central Perk is the well-known bar where the main role players of Friends were often seen in the series. In Singapore, the well-known café has been remodeled in detail. The project started as a crowdfunding project on “Indiegogo” and is now the only cafe outside the USA licensed by Warner Bros. So do you want to sit on the same couch like Joey, Phoebe and Ross once did? Then Singapore is the place to be!

Peaky Blinders

A Peaky Blinders Bar & Grill opened this year, in England. The series is about a gang from Birmingham who is engaged in criminal affairs in the 1920s. The bar is also built in this style and guests who enter dressed in the ‘Peaky Blinder’ style can enjoy a free shot of liquor.

Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit Pub in England is built in the style of the famous hobbits of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This is reflected in the interior and the cocktail menu. You can also buy merchandise and win a limited edition shirt by entering ‘The Fellowship Quest’, referring to the movie.

The Walking Dead

Edinburg was the scene of a pop-up ‘Walking Dead’ bar. The bar opened this spring for two months and was devised by The Pop Up Geeks. Previously, they also had the ‘Blood & Wine’ pop-up (Game of Thrones) and since this month they opened ‘The Upside Down’ pop-up with a ‘Stranger Things’ pop-up themed bar. We wonder whether they received a letter yet from Netflix?

DC Superheroes Café

The DC Superheroes Café doesn’t focus on one TV show or series but focuses on all superheroes that have ever been seen in a comic strip, movie or TV series. The pictures on the Facebook page of the cafe actually say enough. Although all superheroes are addressed in the café, it is clear that there are only two superheroes: Batman and Superman are the two most popular.

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