Famous sitcoms are opening pop-up stores| Gilmore Girls pop-up of Luke’s Diner


Famous sitcoms are opening a pop-up version of their restaurant into real live. On November 25th, Gilmore Girls is returning with a four-episode limited run on Netflix. Netflix sponsored a one-day pop-up of the show’s Luke’s Diner. All across America about 200 coffee shops and cafes where transformed to this diner, all to promote Gilmore Girls: ‘A Year in the Life’.

Famous sitcoms are opening pop-up stores

Transformed to what and how long? Did you get to meet the real actors? According to an article on Thrillist it was just a cardboard Luke, what a pity! And the pop-ups only opened one morning! This is what Netflix gave away as promotion at the pop-ups, Free 12oz coffees (while supplies last!), ‘Luke’s Diner’ hats and aprons for staff and a ‘fun surprise’ under their custom Gilmore Girls coffee sleeve. Which later on seems to be coffee mugs with witty Lorelai Gilmore quotes. Check out this Instagram hashtag.

As we have read there have been more pop-up versions of famous sitcoms like a Friends pop-up in SoHo to celebrate the show’s 20 year anniversary. Maybe this will be an inspiration for a Dutch sitcom to bring their restaurant or bar to the real world in pop-up!

Bron: Thrillist

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