Temporary pop-up islands and food boats during Rotte PICNIC ISLAND


Time for some summer fun in Rotterdam during the Rotte PICNIC ISLAND. From 1 to 3 July you can enjoy food, drinks, music, art and culture here. All on one of the two temporary islands floating around in the Rotte river. Food will be served among other from food boats.


After a successful first edition, the organisation of Rotte PICNIC ISLAND is planning to go bigger and better this year. Not only will there be a second island floating around, there will also be a culinary program for the food lovers visiting the event taking place in the first weekend of July. On both islands you will be surrounded by sailing boats full of food and drinks. For example a ‘juice boat’ is floating around with fresh juices and from the ‘espresso boat’ you can get fresh coffee. There will also be an ‘orange’ pedalo sailing in between the boats. Once on the island, you’re able to barbeque with the guys of Wild Vleesch.

The islands

Both islands are situated on different locations. Just like last year you will find one of the islands near the Noordplein next to the Noorderbrug. The second island is located near the Crooswijkse Bocht. On both islands you are able to dock your own boat, with Crooswijkse Bocht offering spaces for the big boats. If you don’t own a boat you don’t have to worry. Visitors without a boat are being transferred from land to island.

Other activities

Besides the food, drinks and music there are other activities which are being organised. For example an ‘island-to-island’ swim challenge or a sprint contest between different canoe sprinting teams. Juliette Barzilaij has recently been added to the line-up. She is going to hoopdance, which is the new hula-hooping, with visitors during the event.

The history of Rotte PICNIC ISLAND

Rotte PICNIC ISLAND is an initiative of local Rotterdam habitants and entrepreneurs who wondered why nothing ever happened on the Rotte. The goal is to make the river more visible for everyone and make it a place for people to relax and chill. After the promising start last year this was a logical follow up.

RIF 010

There are a lot of new initiatives in town! Like for example RiF010 that will open in 2016. The ‘Steigersgracht’ (part of the river De Rotte) in Rotterdam will be separated from the rest of Rotte. The water will be purified and a wave installation will be placed in this part of the river. Several kinds of water sports will be put into practice in RiF010.

Website: Rotte PICNIC ISLAND

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