CROQUÉTJE! a pulled pork-croquette



Sausage-maker Paul van den Hooven from Wild Vleesch in Rotterdam, has developed his own croquette under the name of CROQUÉTJE! The first CROQUÉTJE is a croquette with pulled pork containing meat low & slow smoked on a barbecue. The artisanal products Paul sells are based on his obsession of the American Style barbecue.


Pulled pork which Paul prefers to call ‘rafelvarken’, as they say it in his hometown Rotterdam, is one of the most well-known dishes in the American world of barbecue. Paul makes his handmade croquette with real pulled pork, smoked slow & low on the barbecue. This really brings out the taste of the smoked pulled pork. For the croquette he developed a rub for the meat and a mix of spices for the salpicon. The meat originates from Dutch bred pigs. The pulled pork croquette is the first in the series of CROQUÉTJE!


CROQUÉTJE! is for sale on the website of Wild Vleesch for the hospitality industry, commerce and consumers. Wild Vleesch can also be found at the ‘Oogstmarkt’ in Rotterdam, the croquettes are part of the assortment. In Brasserie STROOM in Rotterdam guests can already enjoy a pulled pork-croquette. We look forward to taste them and we will let you know once we did!

Website: Wild Vleesch

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