SUSHISAMBA | The Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine will soon open in Amsterdam


September 2015 we wrote about SUSHISAMBA and their branch in London. The internationally renowned SUSHISAMBA restaurant will open its doors this September in Amsterdam at the 17th-century Singelgracht. The location overlooking the water is a beautiful addition to existing locations in London, New York, Las Vegas and Miami.

SUSHISAMBA | Some background information

Since the launch of SUSHISAMBA back in 1999, the brand is known for its unique mix of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine, combined with a passion for music, art and design. “The energy, vibrancy and international appeal of Amsterdam are a natural match for SUSHISAMBA, while meanwhile we expand our brand internationally,” said Shimon Bokovza, CEO of Orange Brands Management. “SUSHISAMBA is an experience of music, art and culture and our new restaurant in Amsterdam, with as background a beautiful canal at one of Amsterdam’s most iconic locations, perfectly reflecting this philosophy.” Under the leadership of Corporate Chef Cláudio Cardoso, the menu of SUSHISAMBA offers a mix of tri-cultural flavours. Guests are treated to Brazilian Churrasco Rio Grande with ribeye, chorizo ​​and picanha and the Moqueca Mista (a traditional seafood stew with shrimp, squid and sea bass with coconut and lime). In addition, the menu consists of a Peruvian Kanpachi Tiradito with yuzu, sea salt and black truffle oil and tuna Ceviche with pomegranate, leche de tigre, maiz morado wasabi peas and basil. The menu also features Japanese sushi and sashimi dishes, including the Samba roll El Topo; A famous SUSHISAMBA trademark dish with salmon, jalapeño, shiso leaves, fresh melted mozzarella and crispy onion.

The menu in Amsterdam will offer a number of specific options, such as the Black Tiger Shrimp on the Robata grill with vanilla, jalapeño, mango and aji amaril (yellow Peruvian chili pepper) and the Korokke Short Rib Croquette with Peruvian Purple Potato. The desserts include art pieces, such as the Sambabeet of red beet, blueberries, coconut, bananas, lime and lemongrass. Chef Cláudio explains: “The culinary scene of Amsterdam is growing and developing with the addition of fresh markets, colours and enormous culinary influences. This makes it an exciting time for SUSHISAMBA to join. The new dishes we have created for this location are inspired by the historic culinary culture of Amsterdam, thus supplementing our own SUSHISAMBA offer.” They also have a major sake menu, Japanese whiskeys and cocktails such as pisco’s and constantly changing Sambatini®.


The striking Japanese-inspired exterior of the restaurant was designed by the famous Dutch architect Hans Ruijssenaars and was influenced by the Fushimi Inari shrine in southern Kyoto. The interior was designed by the Dutch design agency Woodfever and is open in every sense of the word – from the open kitchen to windows up to the ceiling, inviting people to have an outdoor dinner experience during the warm summer days. The black and white serpentine style floor leads to a terrace with beautiful view over the Singelgracht. The centre of the space is provided with a sushi bar with the iconic orange tree of SUSHISAMBA – a sculptural wonder – which represents the joie de vivre of the locations.


SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam is run by the international restaurant group Orange Brands Management. The new location was created in collaboration with Amsterdam restaurant group and developer The Yip Group. From this exciting partnership, The Yip Group CEO Won Yip and partner Arnaud Eweg said: “We have had a great deal of understanding with Orange Brands Management for many years and wanted to bring SUSHISAMBA to Amsterdam for a long time.”

Website: Sushi Samba

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