SUSHISAMBA, a culinary mix of Japan, Brazil and Peru


  • Bolhinhos de Bacalhau-Sushisamba
  • Smoked Plum Nigroni and Richard Woods - Cocktail Guy
  • SUSHISAMBA London, Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, tel 020 3640 7330
  • Claudio Cardoso in the kitchen
  • Kaffirinha Sushisamba and Green Tea - Ni
  • Kobe Nigiri Sushisamba
  • SUSHISAMBA London, Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, tel 020 3640 7330
  • Passionfruit cake
  • Red chocolate Sushisamba
  • Sushi Bar

At restaurant SUSHISAMBA you can eat a unique blend of the Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine.

We don’t know many restaurants in the Netherlands that combine a cultural coalition in one cuisine. We recently wrote an article about the Nikkei cuisine (Japanese & Peruvian Cuisine) and in reaction somebody wrote us about another great tri-cultural coalition namely SUSHISAMBA. This cuisine is created in the early 20th century when thousands of Japanese emigrants traveled to South America’s fertile soil to cultivate coffee plantations and find their fortune. In bustling cities like Lima in Peru, and São Paulo in Brazil, the integration of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cultures flourished. The restaurant in London, nearby for us Dutchies, opened in 2012.

What to expect when dining out at SUSHISAMBA

Hearty moquecas and colorful seviches found a place at the table alongside simple miso soup and tender sashimi. SUSHISAMBA serves these traditional dishes, plus more inventive creations, including sawagani, tuna tataki and anticuchos. The restaurant in London is located at the Heron Tower. A private glass-walled express lift hurtles up the outside of Heron Tower, taking you 38 storeys above the city. Once you’re up there, SUSHISAMBA has a pretty impressive rooftop bar that’s open all year round. Check all the pictures for an impression of the restaurant and the menus on their website. Certainly a restaurant and rooftop bar with a view. The next time I visit London, I most certainly will visit SUSHISAMBA!


SUSHISAMBA started in New York City in 1999. Samba Brands Management was founded by Shimon Bokovza, Matthew Johnson and Danielle Billera. The company operates SUSHISAMBA® restaurants in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, London and Coral Gables. In addition to SUSHISAMBA®, the group manages SUGARCANE raw bar grill® in Miami and Duck & Waffle in London. ^Marjolein


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