Culinary inspiration from Barcelona and New York around the Nikkei kitchen.


Pakta restaurant in Barcelona combines Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, called Nikkei. Peru is the cradle of this popular and inspiring cuisine. In New York, a pop-up Peru Show was organized which included this Nikkei kitchen.

Over 25 years ago, I had the pleasure to visit Peru (especially the capital Lima) several times. Even then, I frequently experienced the influence of the many Japanese people who live there. You could have sushi and other Japanese food specialties for example. Over time, the mix between these two kitchens, Nikkei, became very popular. One of the first great chefs who made Nikkei very popular was Nobu Matsuhisa. Nikkei is already a source of inspiration for chefs for several years.

Pakta restaurant in Barcelona

For Ferran Adrià, former chef of El Bulli and his brother Albert Adrià, the Nikkei kitchen is also inspiring. In their restaurant Pakta in Barcelona they are experimenting with unlimited Nikkei since 2013. In Peruvian ‘Pakta’ means ‘union’, so in this case two cultures with their respective kitchens that melt together. Pakta is the first Peruvian-Japanese restaurant in Barcelona. They serve two menus, we enjoyed the surprising and delightful dishes of the Fujiyama menu, the cocktails and their hospitality. The video shows you what to expect when having dinner at Pakta.

Meanwhile in New York

‘The Peruvian Business Council’ organized the Peru Show in collaboration with the Consulate of Peru in New York, in the Chelsea Market from 27 July to 2 August. This pop-up show was made possible with the help of some Peruvian chefs and artists. They showed Peruvian products, cocktails, gourmet cuisine and fashion. This pop-up show was a preview for a permanent showroom about Peru which is planned for 2017 at the expansion of the Chelsea Market. Read more about the Peru Show on thefoodpeople.

Nikkei, inspiration for a small festival in the Netherlands?

Since a large number of chefs in the Netherlands are inspired by the Nikkei cuisine as well and there certainly are a lot of fans, wouldn’t a small festival or a themed room in one of our new food halls in Amsterdam or Rotterdam be a good idea? And if we could get an international inspirer to the Netherlands such as one of the chefs of Nobu or Pakta, it would be a must visit for all foodies in the Netherlands! ^ Marjolein

Website: Pakta

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