NoHouseWine | Five wines that build houses in South Africa


  • The 5 wines of NoHouseWine - credits Tony DočekalThe 5 wines of NoHouseWine - credits Tony Dočekal
  • NoHouseWine - credits Tony DočekalNoHouseWine - credits Tony Dočekal

Henk Jan Beltman, formerly chief chocolate officer of Tony’s Chocolonely, is relaunching impact brand NoHouseWine. A wine brand with an important mission: to build houses in South Africa for those who have no home.

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Mission of the impact brand NoHouseWine | One bottle at a time

In South Africa, some 200,000 people still lack the most important building blocks in their lives. And with that not only shelter and thus a house, but most importantly a home, stability and the chance to become the best version of themselves. With every bottle of wine sold, a brick is laid and with that the foundation for a better future – one bottle at a time. NoHouseWine is launching five wines that are on sale now, via

Sturdy wine | From and for South Africa

By opening a bottle, you not only enjoy accessible quality wine, you also help build the houses and future of South Africa’s poorest people. This is certainly not just about grapes and fermentation; it is about building a future, bottle by bottle. Together with the NGO Homeplan Foundation, NoHouseWine is helping to build a future for those who need it most in South Africa as well as focusing on all of South Africa. The country where the wines also come from. The ultimate goal is to make a significant contribution to solving the homeless problem in South Africa. Therefore, for every bottle sold, NoHouseWine donates a brick to Homeplan, which Jeroen Tebbe, creator of NoHouseWine and son of the late Jan Tebbe – the initial founder of the Homeplan foundation, can use to continue building. And this is much needed, because despite the fact that Homeplan and its local partners have now built more than 4,000 houses worldwide, some 200,000 people in South Africa still have no place they can call home.

“Making the world a little bit more beautiful together, is the sole purpose of NoHouseWine,” said Henk Jan Beltman.

Beloved house wine

The no-nonsense wines are produced by Boekenhoutskloof (founded in 1776), one of the best winemakers of South Africa, according to NoHouseWine. Delta Wines, the largest wine importer of the Netherlands, has taken on the logistics for NoHouseWine. Winemaker and driving force of Boekenhoutskloof is Marc Kent, together with top sommelier of Restaurant SAAM, Koen van der Plas (Gault & Millau, Sommelier of the Year 2019 & Michelin, Sommelier Award 2020), developed the NoHouseWine portfolio, which includes the following wines:

– Crisp white – tight – juicy – citrus, blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay

– Firm white – rich – round – spicy, a Chenin Blanc

– Fruity rosé – supple – fresh – blossom, Cinsault

– Smooth red – frivolous – fresh – juicy, Cinsault

– Full-bodied red – powerhouse – ripe – spicy, Syrah (Shiraz)

Henk Jan Beltman: “With the huge range of wines in supermarkets, it is not always easy for consumers to choose a wine. Especially because recognition is low, unlike, for example, beer brands, soft drinks or spirits. Consumers benefit from a reliable brand, a wine brand that is recognized and loved. That is what we hope to create with NoHouseWine. Not just in the supermarket, but also in the pubs and restaurants – where, until now, you still often depend on staff choices.”

Website: NoHouseWine

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