Design & Wijn introduces scent labels for wine bottles


  • Oranje Blanje wine with a scent winelabel - credits Rose GrootOranje Blanje wine with a scent winelabel - credits Rose Groot
  • Oranje Blanje wine with a scent winelabel - credits Rose GrootOranje Blanje wine with a scent winelabel - credits Rose Groot
  • Close up of the scent winelabel - credits Rose GrootClose up of the scent winelabel - credits Rose Groot
  • Diederik & Rose - Design & Wijn - credits Kubilay AltintasDiederik & Rose - Design & Wijn - credits Kubilay Altintas

The Dutch company Design & Wijn created a breakthrough in the world of wine with the launch of labels with scent for wine bottles, a first in the wine industry. This innovative label empowers wine enthusiasts to explore the aromas of wines even before the bottle is opened. The inaugural wine featuring the scent label hails from the Netherlands and boasts aromas of orange, leather, vanilla, almond, and sandalwood.

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Scent labels for wine bottles | A wax layer infused with the wine’s scent profile

The significance of aroma in appreciating wine is well-known, consciously smelling and tasting wine contributes to a deeper appreciation of its flavors. “Some wines possess a pronounced or distinctive aroma. I wanted to find a way to provide people with a preview of these scents even before opening the bottle,” says Rose Groot, co-owner and designer at Design & Wijn.

The scent label is crafted with a wax layer infused with the wine’s scent profile. In this case, a copper- colored wax was chosen to emphasize the amber hue of the wine. The development process involved collaboration with vinologist Diederik Walhof, a co-owner at Design & Wijn, and Rhona Dalglish of Klar Candles. Design & Wijn has plans to develop and produce scent labels for other (wine) companies. “Numerous applications in terms of scent and design are still possible, and we are eager to collaborate with other innovative wine businesses,” notes Rose.

Debut on the orange wine of Wijngoed Gelders Laren

The scent label makes its debut on the orange wine from Wijngoed Gelders Laren. “This wine, made from the Solaris grape, underwent 3 months of skin contact and 4 months of barrel aging. Consequently, it boasts a complex and distinctive scent profile. The wine offers a rich texture with subtle bitters and tannins that provide a refined complexity. It’s a gastronomic wine that pairs excellently with bold-flavored dishes, think steak tartare or seafood,” shares Diederik Walhof. The release is limited to only 303 bottles and will be available exclusively through the Design & Wijn website. Additionally, 50 scented candles with the same scent profile have been created by Klar Candles.

About Design & Wijn

Design & Wijn was founded in 2020 by vinologist Diederik Walhof and Dutch designer Rose Groot. Their mission is to create an innovative wine experience. Diederik accomplishes this through Dutch wine tastings, while Rose focuses on the development of wine labels and wine-related products. This new wine is part of Design & Wijn’s proprietary wine line—a series of distinctive gastronomic wines from the Netherlands.

Website: Design & Wijn

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