SpeakFrietje | The new speakeasy get-together over drinks in Rotterdam


Haute Friture Snack Bar Tante Nel (Aunt Nel) in Rotterdam launches its first ‘SpeakFrietje’ (freely translated: SpeakFries) on Friday 28 July. The Snackbar 2.0 with alcohol license, invites residents of Rotterdam for this new Friday drink on their 80m2 large terrace.

SpeakFrietje | Get together over drink with great fries

Owner Kevin de Roos of snack bar Tante Nel expresses enthusiasm about his new initiative: “During the drizzle in the 1920s, Speakeasy bars in America were the place for a drink. You heard via-via and often at the last moment when and where the party would take place. SpeakFrietje brings an ode to that culture. Just a get-together with good company, music and drinks. And with fries, that drink tastes the best!”

Cocktails of the Dutch cocktail guru David Trampe

Especially for this first edition, they invited cocktail guru David Trampe to create the cocktails. David Trampe has won several professional prizes in recent years and has designed two new summer cocktails with Loopuyt Gin and Mezcal for SpeakFrietje.

Tante Nel Rotterdam

Haute Friture Snack Bar Aunt Nel has gained popularity in recent years and is located on the Pannekoekstraat. The first snack bar in Rotterdam with alcohol license. They managed to reach more and more guests with their great products at a unique location. We wrote about their combination of fries with caviar and bubbles in our article ‘Fries with …..

Website: Tante Nel

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