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  • Friet met kaviaar van Tante Nel
  • Friet met kaviaar van Tante Nel
  • Thrill Grill's friet. Credits: HOTSPOTHUNTER.COM
  • Frietje Nutella van Piet Friet
  • Frietje Nutella van Piet Friet

One of the unique characteristics of fries is that you can endlessly combine them with different ingredients. Fries with caviar, Parmesan cheese, truffle mayonnaise, chocolate, Nutella and stews. In the Netherlands, fries are very popular. We eat them with mayonnaise or ketchup but also with ‘mayonnaise, curry sauce and chopped onions’, with hot peanut sauce or sometimes even with truffle mayonnaise but the fries noted below aren’t often on the menu! In response to an article in the Dutch AD newspaper about Tante Nel (aunt Nel), the haute friture shop in Rotterdam, we made a list of unique and weird combinations with fries. ^Bram Kosterink

Een frietje met……

  1. A bag of fries with, yes really, caviar. The fresh fries at Tante Nel (aunt Nel) is served with a deep fried egg and approximately 50 grams Tzar-caviar. The full combination is available for € 20,= and is enough for 2 persons.
  2. With this next combination we stick to the fries with egg but this time without caviar: the Chips Mayai. This fast food snack is originally from Tanzania and is made with fresh fried fries which are baked in an omelette.
  3. Thrill Grill’s menu contains classic French fries and fries with fresh herbs. But they also serve fries with fresh grated Parmesan cheese and truffle oil. I think it would also taste great with fresh truffle!
  4. Your fries not with mayonnaise, ketchup or curry but a chocolate dipping sauce?! During the months January and February 2014 Japanese fast food chain Lotteria served fries with a Lotte Ghana chocolate dip called ‘Dipping Fries’. The salty taste of the fries in combination with the sweetness of the chocolate makes (according Lotteria) a special combination. We have tried this at the office but didn’t fancy it.
  5. Sunday the 14th of February, on Valentine’s Day, the Dutch version of the chocolate dip was launched by Piet Friet in Roermond. Their Nutella fries did very well in a taste test! On the 14th of February, the lucky ones tried the fries with Nutella for free at Piet Friet.
  6. On the 11th of February Bram Ladage launched a new international formula, Bram’s Gourmet Frites. He combines artisanal fries with stews. One of the new meals is the vegetarian truffle mushroom. Fries with mushrooms, truffle and fried egg.
  7. Pizza fries, a copy of the ‘Kapsalon’, a typical Turkish meal (in the Netherlands) with fries topped with kebab, lettuce, garlic and cheese. Pizza fries are fries topped with salami, pepperoni, shredded mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce.
  8. It can get even more ridiculous! According to the Dutch newspaper The Gelderlander a French Fries with soft ice cream (‘French Fries 2.0) is being served at Cafetaria ‘t Huus 2.0. And for the last couple of months people are ordering it on regular base!
  9. Your special fries! We love to share them with our audience! Send a picture and the combination to
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