Inspiration for the National Pancake Day on March 18 in the Netherlands


  • Biscuit Beignets by The Pancake Kitchen by Cracker BarrelBiscuit Beignets by The Pancake Kitchen by Cracker Barrel
  • Get That Cookie Dough Pancakes - by @es_jenny_solares and @EnkyBoysGet That Cookie Dough Pancakes - by @es_jenny_solares and @EnkyBoys
  • Zero Egg challenges students to make the world’s highest egg flipZero Egg challenges students to make the world’s highest egg flip

While in America and England the date for the annual Pancake Day coincides with Mardi Gras (fat Tuesday after Carnival, the evening before fasting starts) and Shrove Day, we here in the Netherlands celebrate our National Pancake Day on March 18 2022. Because the dates differ, owners of pancake restaurants can use inspiration from the pancake days in England and the USA! Our colleague Jesse Oldenburg has created a list of inspiring promotions and tasty pancake recipes! If your pancake restaurant has a cool initiative for pancake day, we would love to hear it, but we also like to hear if you picked up one of the initiatives below!

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We have often provided inspiration around Pancake Day, for example, in 2017 we wrote about pancake in a cone, pancake puppies and much more. In 2018 we even made a trend white paper (in Dutch only) for pancake restaurants containing Okonomiyaki pancakes, the PancakeBot, Pancake on a stick and pancake sliders. We also presented a list in that year with Pancake cocktails, Espresso Martini pancake stacks and Sosharu Matcha Mille Crêpes.                        

The Flippin’ Good Fun Pancake Race

The annual pancake race was held in London’s inner city from February 26 to Shrove Day (March 1). The race takes place in and around the picturesque Greenwich Market. Everyone who participates in costume will receive a free pancake. And of course there are many more fresh pancakes available at the market stalls nearby.


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Pancake cereal | It looks like our Dutch ‘poffertjes’ but just a little different

Pancakes for breakfast? Or breakfast cereal? Why not serve pancakes as cereals? Recently spotted on TikTok in particular is the ‘Pancake Cereal’. The Mini (and we mean really small) pancakes are baked and poured into a bowl with additions like butter and maple syrup or butter and other pancake toppings like berries. The pancake breakfast cereal became especially a hit on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram with several people sharing their take on the new breakfast food. Very nice to try at home, in the link in the title a recipe and they also refer to poffertjes and that the idea has been around longer than TikTok!


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Mochi Pancakes

Mochi pancakes differ from traditional flour pancakes by using mochiko flour. Mochiko is sweet rice flour from Japan that is made from cooked mochigome, a sticky type of short-grain rice. A nice additional advantage: these pancakes can also be prepared vegan, milk- and gluten-free, the latest by using only mochiko flour and soy milk! These pancakes are soft and fluffy, just like traditional pancakes, yet can withstand a variety of toppings. Very nice to try out at home!

The pancake grazing board | Great idea for Pancake Day and every day

A kind of tapas board to enjoy a delicious pancake meal with family or friends, The pancakes board! It has something of a ‘boodle fight’, which is a traditional Filipino serving method where a meal is served on banana leaves and eaten without cutlery. The main product of the pancake board is fluffy pancakes. You can go for buttermilk pancakes, but you can also use different pancakes, such as oatmeal pancakes and banana pancakes. Surround it with all kinds of toppings and you can start grazing!


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Hotteok, sweet pancakes from Korea

While my colleagues wrote about the Japanese pancake variant Okonomiyaki in 2020, I came across the Hotteok a while ago, a typical Korean ‘street food’ pancake-like dish. It can be filled with all kinds of fillings, but the filling of dark brown sugar, cinnamon and chopped peanuts sounds delicious. Check out the recipe in the video below!

Hanging Pancake Kebab

A cool concept from the UK, Hanging Pancake Kebab, which was available during the period just before and after Shrove Day from February 28 to March 2 2022, in various restaurants in Manchester such as The Club House, The Botanist and others. A hanging pancake kebab consists of a skewer with mini pancakes between which various toppings are served. As a topping you can choose between marshmallow and strawberries with a lemon sauce or brownie chunks and warm chocolate sauce.


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Denny’s Social Stars Influenced Menu | Cookie Dough pancakes on Pancake Day

A few weeks ago, the American diner chain Denny’s released its new ‘Social Stars Influenced Menu’. This menu features dishes inspired by popular TikTok creators who have been asked by the brand to put their own personal spin on new Denny’s menu items. A fun example of this is the ‘Get That Cookie Dough Pancakes’, made from cookie dough and chocolate with a twist – this delicious flavor duo is the centerpiece of Denny’s fluffy buttermilk pancakes and topped with cream cheese frosting. Are you starting to get hungry already?

Biscuit Beignets on Pancake Day!

The American coffee bar and restaurant chain The Pancake Kitchen by Cracker Barrel temporarily had Biscuit Beignets on offer around Mardi Gras. These are buttermilk biscuit dough based fritters, deep fried and then dipped in cinnamon sugar and served with a butter-pecan sauce for dipping. I thought this was a very nice innovative idea! See the photo above the article for what these beignets look like. I think it would be fun to prepare this at my parents’ ‘t Pannenkoekhuis Schaarsbergen and possibly serve it to guests as a pre-dessert!

Zero Egg challenged students to make the world’s highest egg flip

A few weeks ago we wrote about Zero Egg, an interesting vegetable egg concept that contributes to a more sustainable future. As a marketing stunt, Zero Egg also organized an omelet ‘flipping’ competition called ‘the world’s highest egg flip’, a comic initiative and possibly an idea that the pancake market here in the Netherlands could possibly capitalize on? In addition, offering plant-based products is an increasing trend within the catering industry, something that may also be in demand in the Dutch pancake market. I wonder if there are pancake restaurants that will also organize a competition to find out who can throw and flip their pancake the highest and whether we will bake pancakes with vegetable egg!

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