Zero Egg challenges students to make the world’s highest egg flip


  • Zero Egg challenges students to make the world’s highest egg flipZero Egg challenges students to make the world’s highest egg flip

In its quest to make plant-based food accessible to everyone, Zero Egg is starting with the newest generation of food lovers — college students! The plant-based egg company took America’s largest college, the University of Central Florida (UCF) by storm yesterday, kicking off its partnership with the university by serving up delicious plant-based egg meals; delivering Zero Egg sandwiches to students around campus on their own branded tandem bicycle; and hosting an afternoon of fun and games on the campus’ Greek Row.

But the highlight of the show was the Zero Egg omelet flip! Currently, there is no world record holder for the world’s highest egg flip, and Zero Egg is on a mission to secure it! The brand will be scouring colleges across the country to find America’s highest egg flipper. Once secured, Zero Egg intends to work with Guinness World Records on capturing the record, because who needs another record held by an ordinary egg? Not when Zero Egg can get it done — doing all of the same things an ordinary egg can do, such as flip, scramble, bake and fry.

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The contest for the world’s highest egg flip with Zero Egg

While more than 50 students attempted to set the record, the top UCF winners of the toss were Ross Vitaliano (14.9″); Gavin Hollobaugh (14.7″) and then a three-way tie between Jacob Jones, Kevron Ahmad, Chase Perry, all reaching slightly more than 14″. Check out the results of some ‘egg flips’, the text continues below the video.

Although a potential omelet toss winner may have been the highlight of the day, hun “egg-cellent” taste and texture were the real winners. Many students were trying Zero Egg for the first time, and were surprised and delighted at how it tasted like an ordinary egg — and how great it was for on-the-go breakfast sandwiches, perfect for grabbing while walking to class. They distributed more than 300 sandwiches to students. Reactions included, “This tastes exactly like a regular egg,” and “This is better than I thought it would be,” to a very enthusiastic, “It’s good!”

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“UCF is a natural fit for us,” says Liron Nimrodi, CEO and co-founder of the company Zero Egg. “Orlando and the surrounding area is very plant-forward, with vegan options like our plant-based eggs already offered in many restaurants here. UCF not only encompasses these ways, but, when polled, more than 25 percent of students wanted more plant-based options. We are here to deliver!” Their plant-based egg have the same look, taste, texture, and performance as an ordinary egg. And even better, it was crafted for professional chefs, so Zero Egg is built to perform like an ordinary egg – it bakes, scrambles, thickens, binds, spreads, and fluffs. “We want to empower the era of sustainable foods with a better-for-all plant-based egg, and we believe that our plant-based eggs will become a pillar of the plant-based movement,” adds Liron Nimrodi.

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Website: Zero Egg

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