Inspiration around the Christmas tree | The Claridge’s Christmas Tree by Karl Lagerfeld


  • Claridge’s Christmas Tree 2017 by Karl LagerfeldClaridge’s Christmas Tree 2017 by Karl Lagerfeld
  • The Connaught Christmas Tree 2017 by Tracey Emin, CBEThe Connaught Christmas Tree 2017 by Tracey Emin, CBE
  • The Berkeley “SnowFall” by Richard RogersThe Berkeley “SnowFall” by Richard Rogers
  • Claridge’s Christmas Tree 2017 by Karl LagerfeldClaridge’s Christmas Tree 2017 by Karl Lagerfeld

Claridge’s, London’s legendary Mayfair hotel has unveiled the Claridge’s Christmas Tree 2017 in the hotel lobby, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, widely regarded as one of the fashion world’s most influential creative forces. This year’s Claridge’s festive installation is inspired by Lagerfeld’s childhood memories of Christmas with a series of inverted spruce Christmas Trees placed around the hotel lobby. The centrepiece is a sixteen foot high inverted tree with silver gilded roots topped with a multi-facetted mirrored star which reflects rays of magical light across the art deco lobby. In this article some inspiration around the Christmas tree for other hoteliers, for example do you celebrate the fact that the lights in your tree are lightened?

The Christmas spirit and tradition around the Claridge’s Christmas Tree

Reminiscent of a silver stalactite, the tree is hung with traditional silver lametta decorations, silver butter leather feathers and snowflakes handmade by craftsmen in Germany with tree candles giving a warm, inviting glow. Under the tree sits hand sewn white Icelandic sheepskin rugs to reflect a recent snowfall.

An inverted candle lit tree takes the place of Claridge’s famous central chandelier to add a touch of Christmas chic. The pure white linen cloths than cover the tables under the various trees are symbolic of a Christmas ritual that Lagerfeld’s mother would perform every year.

Commenting on the collaboration Karl Lagerfeld said “Christmas trees are the strongest ‘souvenir’ of my happy childhood.”

The Claridge’s Christmas Tree has long symbolised the start of the festive season in the capital. Drawing visitors and Londoners alike to admire its magnificent design. This is the eight year that Claridge’s has invited a creative visionary to reinterpret the tree in their own distinctive style. Since 2009 they have had famous designers decorating the hotel for the Holiday Season, amongst others  Dolce & Gabbana (2013/2014), Christopher Bailey for Burberry (2015), John Galliano for Dior (2009/2010). Check out all their decoration here.

Inspiration | Co-creation and a tree lighting party

The other hotels from the same chain, The Maybourne Hotel Group, also have their Christmas decoration done by somebody special. The Connaught Christmas Tree 2017 is designed by Tracey Emin and The Berkeley has a beautiful installation by architect Richard Rogers. We have been writing this before, of course you don’t have to work with a famous designer, you could also have your decoration done by a local designer, architect or florist. And if you do, make the tree lighting a party! Check out this example from 2014.   

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