IKEA’s hot pot table | Enjoy a conversation around this phoneless table


It’s a fact that our smartphones have become a huge part of most of our lives. This way you miss the real interaction with friends or family. So you could go to the IKEA in your vicinity and ask them if you could buy the hot pot table they used to make this add for IKEA Taiwan! This phoneless hot pot table will only charge when everybody at the table hands in their mobile phones and place them below the pot.

IKEA’s hot pot table| Social experiment  

In order to find a solution for the extreme use of smartphones, IKEA Taiwan asked a few groups to participate in a social experiment. The goal: find a way to interact again with friends and family members. But the way the people react, the ad is more another way to gain a lot of free publicity with phoneless dinners. We have seen a couple of them in the past: signs with I’ll put my phone off for you (2010) and Droste’s Logeren & Dineren sign in 2014. A restaurant owner in Israel even gave a discount if you did put your phone off. And a Mobile Parking Lot: ParkthatPhone a semi new non-tech invention to spice up your meeting room.

So if you’re annoyed by friends or family who are more interested in their smartphones than in the conversation with you: well you could try one of the examples above but at least let them know it’s annoying!

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