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  • Bedroom VanGogh Hotel Riche Boxmeer
  • Dom Perignon Suite at the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam
  • Rembrandt Suite, InterContinental Amstel hotel in Amsterdam
  • Master Suite 008 by Taylors Port at the Yeatman
  • Above and under water The Manta Resort in Tanzania
  • Unak Evleri, a five star cave hotel
  • Alibi hostel Leeuwarden
  • Pier suite
  • WeidumerHoutWeidumerHout
  • Bubbles bedroomBubbles bedroom

Still busy figuring out where you want to go on holiday and would you like to sleep at a special place? That’s possible, the last couple of years we spotted many examples of special themed hotel rooms. We created a list of examples of beautiful and special hotel rooms. Some examples from the Netherlands, like sleeping in a Van Gogh painting, at the Pier of Scheveningen, in a suite with blow ups of etchings by Rembrandt, in a crane or an airplane. Abroad you can also sleep in a port barrel, in igloos or underwater. Have you ever slept in an spectacular hotel room, or do you work in a hotel with such hotel rooms? Send us an email and we might add it to this list!

Sleeping in a Van Gogh painting

At the Riche hotel in Boxmeer you can sleep in the Van Gogh’s painting ‘De Slaapkamer’ (the sleeping room). Owner Sven Janssen used the famous painting with the yellow single bed as inspiration for the design of a hotel room.

Dom Perignon Suite and the Rembrandt Suite in the InterContinental Amstel Hotel

In collaboration with Dom Pérignon, InterContinental Amsterdam Hotel designed the first ‘Champagne Suite by Dom Pérignon. The luxurious appearance and quality of Pérignon are coming back in the interior of the suite. Upon arrival you’ll find cold bottle of Pérignon! Last year they also  launched the Rembrandt suite where you can enjoy the views of Amsterdam and the blow up of etchings by Rembrandt, even in your bathroom!

Pantone Hotel, sleeping in your favourite colour

Do you have a favourite colour? Well, in Brussels you can sleep in it! The design of the Pantone hotel is based on the manufacturer’s colour displays and colour codes. Each floor has its own colour, which is of course designated with a Pantone colour code.

Crane Hotel Faralda, for those without fear of heights

The special ‘Faralda NDSM Kraanhotel’ in Amsterdam makes it possible to spend a night in a hotelsuite installed in a historic ship crane (also known as ‘Kraan 13’). The suites that are installed in  35 or 50 meter high ship cranes offers a beautiful view over the city and river IJ. In total there are three suites.

Master Suite 008 by Taylor’s Port, for those who love to drink port

The Yeatman is a luxurious hotel located in the heart of Porto’s wine region and has a view over the city Porto and the Douro river. The five star hotel is specialized in wine and gastronomy. Each room has its own Portuguese ‘wine partner’ that partly decorated the room. Taylor’s Port sponsored one of the most luxurious suites, the Master Suite 008. In the room you’ll find gigantic barrel bed made out of a spectacular wooden port barrel (with a 28,000 liter capacity). The barrel comes from Taylor’s wine cellar and is more than 100 years old.

Northern light from a glass igloo or sleeping in the Icehotel 365

The Northern Light is one of the most mysterious natural phenomena’s. Because it is not always fun to experience this in the cold north, Kakslauttanen offers glass igloos that can easily handle a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius without freezing. Sleeping under the northern light, who doesn’t want to experience this?

Every winter since 1989, Sweden’s Icehotel has been carved into existence, sculpted from frozen masses harvested from the adjacent Torne River. And every spring, the hotel melts, trickling back into the river from whence it came. This year, however, the frosty retreat in the village of Jukkasjärvi will stay cool long after the winter temperatures rise, thanks to the debut of the first-ever Icehotel 365 which will be powered by solar energy.

Sleeping with fish, for the divers amongst us

The Manta Resort in Tanzania offers a special place to sleep. The resort offers a room that is located four meters deep. The room is installed about 250 meters in front of Pemba Island, one of the islands near the coast of Tanzania. Worldwide you can find similar rooms.

Yunak Evleri, 5 star hotel in historic Turkish caves

Yunak Evleri, a five star hotel in Turkey is built in historic Turkish caves. The hotel offers 30 rooms and features a spa and a big courtyard. A great destination, especially for the adventurous people amongst us.

Sleeping in a bubble in France, for the nature lovers

At the Bubble Hotel Attrap Rêves, completely located in nature, you can sleep under the stars. The eco-friendly space near Marseille in France is a replacement for campers. The transparent bubbles designed by Pierre Stephane are very comfortable. If you care for a little more privacy, you can also choose partly transparent bubbles.

Sleeping in a tree house

At multiple places in the world you can sleep in forest trees, but the treehouses by ‘Chateau Dans Les Abres’ are quite spectacular. ‘Chateaux Dans les Arbres’ in the Dordogne, France offers three treehouses in the form of a castle, in the middle of the forest. The tree houses have a modern interior with furniture and elements of wood and a private hottub on their ‘balcony’.

Sleeping in a prison

We have seen them before, hotels located in former prisons. They are available in different quality levels, from luxury hotels such as the Librije’s hotel in former female prison in Zwolle  and the Arresthuis by Van der Valk hotels in Roermond to hostels. Earlier this year we wrote about the Alibi hostel, recently opened at ‘De Blokhuispoort’ prison in Leeuwarden. In order to find the perfect balance of keeping the original interior but still providing a comfortable and fun stay, several changes had to be made.

Sleeping on the ‘Pier’ in Scheveningen whilst enjoying the sound of the sea

Five exclusive hotel suites of  30m2, the Pier suites, with each its own balcony and a panoramic view over the North Sea. There are also eight stylish Cabins, at the outer ring of the Zuiderisland. If you are spending your weekend in The Hague, this is a great place to sleep!

Sleeping in a museum, for those who love modern art

Since 2006, it’s all about art and enjoying art at the 21C Museum hotels. You can as sleep and eat in these museums. There are six different locations, in Louisville, Cincinnati, Bentonville, Durham, Lexington and Oklahoma City. We have seen the combination of art, sleeping and dining before, but this chain emphasizes on their art exhibitions in their architecture and interior.

Street lofts, in the centre of Vienna

In Vienna you have the Urbanauts or Street Lofts. Local architectures in Vienna designed abandoned stores in hotel rooms, especially designed for adventurers. You can sleep in a spacious and comfortable Street Loft where the history of the former shop is still visible. Explore Vienna from your loft. Check in via a key-safe and for breakfast, spa or dinner they have made arrangements with the neighbors of the loft (nearest breakfast cafe etc.). It’s the brainchild of a group of local architects.

Sleeping in airplanes without flying 

It’s also possible to sleep in a plane in Teuge, a city in the Netherlands, but if we’re allowed to choose, we prefer to go to the Costa Verde hotel in Costa Rica. It looks like the plane offers a view over the jungle.

For the architecture lovers

A hotel where each room is furnished and designed by famous architects such as Thom Mayne from Morphosis Architects, Peter Zumthor and Tadao Ando from Osaka. You can sleep in one of their designs at the 7131 hotel.

Waking up between grass and nature

This hotel room was send to us by email, sleeping in Friesland’s nature (a province in the North of the Netherlands). The hotel is housed in a monumental farm from 1867 and has ten special cubes in their pasture. The hotel room cubes have floor-to-ceiling windows and a king-size bed. Wake up between the grass with nothing more than nature around you. A special experience and a destination to remember.

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