Alibi Hostel | Sleeping in a prison


Ever wanted to experience what it’s like to sleep a night in prison? It’s now possible in Leeuwarden. Since the beginning of this year, a hostel opened in former prison ‘De Blokhuispoort’. In order to find the perfect balance of keeping the original interior but still providing a comfortable and fun stay, several changes had to be made.

Alibi Hostel cells

The Alibi Hostel changed the original prison cells into different sleeping facilities. First, there is a dormitory with a capacity of maximum 17 people. This dormitory doesn’t have ordinary bunk beds, but stacked sleep pods. Besides the dormitory, there is also a possibility to sleep in a 2- or 4- person cell that you can either book to share or book for private use. By booking one of these cells you will not have a toilet nor a shower in your cell (just as in a real prison). These can be found in the hallway.

Do you want a more luxurious stay? That’s possible. The luxury cell has place for two people and consists of a boxspring bed including a bathroom with a shower, a toilet and a sink. It’s also possible to sleep in treehouse ‘De Uil’ where you sleep between the treetops that provides you with a view over the city and the Blokhuispoort.

The photos show that the hostel is installed in a two floor old prison, all of the cells have thick steel doors which doesn’t allow you to escape. Would you like to experience how it is to sleep in a prison without having to rob a bank? This is the ideal adventure for you and your partner, friends or family. Make a booking and have a look at the photo gallery!

Bron: Misset horeca

Website: Alibi hostel

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