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  • Claridge's Christmas Tree 2018 by Diane … FurstenbergClaridge's Christmas Tree 2018 by Diane … Furstenberg
  • Claridge´s Christmas Tree by Karl LagerfeldClaridge´s Christmas Tree by Karl Lagerfeld
  • Claridge's Christmas Tree 2018 by Diane … FurstenbergClaridge's Christmas Tree 2018 by Diane … Furstenberg
  • Jajem KerstballenJajem

We are in the dark days before Christmas, with real Dutch weather. A little bit of once or twice and mostly wind and rain. Time to create a ‘Christmassy’ restaurant! In September we always give an overview of what we have spotted in the previous Christmas period for inspiration. Below our colleague Max van Oeveren has made a list of small examples up to the great Christmas tree at Claridge’s Hotel in London and special Christmas decorations, as inspiration for hotels, restaurants, bars and of course for at home.

This is the last article on Horecatrends for this year. We wish you a warm, cozy holiday season and lots of inspiration and happiness in 2019. For those who have to work in the hospitality industry, we wish you many nice guests!

Überhip a tree full of avocado ornaments or nutella pots

The real foodies probably already have them in their trees, Christmas ornaments in the shapes of slices of pizza, pizza boxes, sushi rolls and avocados. These pendants are true eye-catchers, and who does not want his favorite snack in his tree? Recently we spotted another very special Christmas pendant, a Nutella jar with real Nutella. Fun for a pancake restaurant!


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Christmas ornaments with liquor | The Lakes Distillery, Jajem and Smirnoff

Last year we spotted them at The Lakes Distillery and Amsterdam Jenever producer Jajem, this year vodka brand Smirnoff also comes along. Great ornaments in a bar or restaurant during the Holiday Season. Be extra careful when decorating the Christmas tree and for those who love a classic tree, the Smirnoff balls are very colorful!

Jajem Kerstballen


Pizzeria’s | Christmas tree from pizza boxes

A few years ago we already spotted glitter pizza boxes for in your Christmas tree, but now we spotted a ‘Christmas tree’ made of stacked pizza boxes. Great Christmas decoration for pizzerias! And according to us you can decorate this pizza tree even better, with ornaments of salami, Parmesan cheese, grapes, slices of pizza and so on. Check it out here!

Christmas decoration of shells

A few years ago we wrote about the Culi-creations by Monique van der Meijden from Art Bazaar. In her studio in Leiden she makes creations such as rocks and amuse dishes of oyster and scallops. The use of shells is of course infinite, so we spotted these oyster & mussel Christmas trees. Great for seafood restaurants and restaurants in a coastal region.

Christmas trees a little different

The Christmas tree is of course the most important part of the entire Christmas decoration. And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional Christmas tree, we also spot more and more alternatives. Like ‘trees’ of wine or beer bottles, nice for a wine bar or beer café!

Special bottles

Many people buy a special bottle of wine or other liquor for the Holiday Season. You can use the decorations below to make the bottle even more special. Of course, this is also possible with non-alcoholic drinks, which is funny for children! But a few bottles of wine on the shelves or behind the bar, also looks very festive. Look for inspiration more inspiration on our Christmas board on Pinterest.

Sustainable decorations | And a real Zero Waste Festival during the holiday Season

Throughout the year we spotted a lot of trends in recycling and sustainability, even for the Holiday Season. How about Christmas decoration of bottle caps and corks, or Santa Claus from driftwood. Or the reindeer of Monique van der Meijden from Art Bazaar, back in 2013. This year we even spotted a ‘Zero Waste Festival‘ in Dublin, Ireland with lectures, workshops, information stands, swap shops and a market. However, everything is dedicated to help you to reduce Christmas waste at this festival. Maybe it’s nice to integrate into the many Christmas markets in the Netherlands!

Gingerbread houses

Recently this video of the hogwarts castle (from Harry Potter) of gingerbread appeared. Although gingerbread is not so well known in the Netherlands, it is a traditional item in the United States and Great Britain during Christmas. There are hotels and shops that build huge houses of real gingerbread, of course these buildings attract a lot of attention. Watch the following video from Disney:

The Christmas tree | The one decorated of the Claridge’s hotel, so gorgeous!

London is perhaps the ultimate Christmas city. The whole city is already in Christmas spirit long before Christmas. Likewise is the decorations for the Holiday Season of all the luxury hotels in London. For example the gorgeous Christmas tree in the Claridge’s hotel, designed this year by Diane von Furstenberg. The six meter long ‘Tree of Love’ is decorated with more than 8,000 hand-painted silver leaf glass balls and 150 hand-blown glass hearts. See the pictures below and above the article. For the Claridge’s hotel it is a tradition that their tree is created by a designer. They ask famous designers to decorate their lobby a great inspiration for smaller hotels. You can also ask a local designer to decorate your tree! Organize a ‘Christmas Tree Lighting’ party and you have another item for free publicity in the local press.

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