Flip Sigi | Special dish: Sinigang Cup Noodles


  • Photo received from Flip Sigi - credits FoodbeastPhoto received from Flip Sigi - credits Foodbeast

Flip Sigi is a ‘Filipino Taqueria’ with several locations in New York. The restaurant is a modern take on Filipino cuisine specialized in tacos, burritos, rice bowls, burgers and bao buns. Jordan Andino is the chef and owner, who recently created a temporary special new dish: Sinigang Cup Noodles. A combination of Nissin Cup Noodles and a traditional tangy sinigang soup topped-off with a few crispy fries.

Tangy  Sinigang Cup Noodles

First of all: what is sinigang? Sinigang (mainly used in Indian and Indonesian kitchens) is a tamarind-based soup that provides a bright, acidic punch of flavor. Andino’s spin involves braising beef short ribs in the broth for three and a half hours to perfectly contrast the richness of the meat.

He then combines that with Nissin Cup Noodles, tomatoes, scallions and carrots before garnishing the bowl with fries dusted in tamarind powder. The crispy spuds add a crunch that brings out the lusciousness of the noodles and beef, making for a full-on flavor and texture experience. Andino’s dish bridges together traditional Filipino food and Nissin Cup Noodles in a standout explosion of taste that you have to try for yourself. It’ll be available at Flip Sigi as a special item for the entirety of November, while supplies last. Make sure to watch this video on Foodbeast!

Flip Sigi & Shuffleboard Club Brooklyn

The third location will open this month (temporarily or not) in New York at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club. Earlier we wrote about this club in Chicago, a club located in a large old warehouse offering games of shuffleboard. It’s one of the many concepts opening lately where you go if you want to have a great night out by playing a game and have a few drinks. Whether it’s darts, ping pong, air hockey like for example at Puck in Amsterdam or shuffleboard.

Website: Flip Sigi

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