PUCK | The first air hockey hall in Europe



PUCK is the first air hockey hall in Europe. Tomorrow, February 23 the hall on the Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam will open and you can play on 16 tables. In addition, they also serve a great menu and  delicious cocktails. For anyone who isn’t a fan of air hockey, they also have a couple of pinball machines and a Guitar Hero room.

Air hockey hall PUCK

At PUCK you will find a large selection of air hockey tables. With two Crazy Labs, two Storm, two Big Waves and two Fast Track 220 Evo’s, they entertain every air hockey fanatic and even beginners. The associated restaurant is open seven days a week for brunch, lunch and dinner. The menu includes classic, Burgundian dishes with matching wines, juices and cocktails.

TonTon Club

The idea of ​​setting up an air hockey hall didn’t come out of the blue, because the owners also own the two TonTon clubs in the city. After the tables have used to function as ‘one of the many’ games at these locations, it was now time for their own location. After all, it remains a popular game!

Website: Puck

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