FÏNLEY | The new Coca-Cola brand in the Netherlands



Last week, Coca-Cola launched its new brand: FÏNLEY in the Netherlands . FÏNLEY is a refreshing, alcohol-free, and low-calorie beverage which you can drink as refreshing drink in the afternoon or as a mocktail in the evening. It will be available in 6 surprising and sophisticated flavors at supermarkets, a few cinemas and gasoline stations.

 FÏNLEY | Flavors

This refreshing and alcohol-free beverage is especially designed for adults and is available in six surprising and sophisticated flavors: blood orange-grapefruit, orange-cranberry, lemon-elderflower and mocktails Mojito, Spritz and Royal. FÏNLEY is made out of fruit juices, consists only of natural ingredients and doesn’t have any added preservatives. This sophisticated beverage with fine bubbles taste a bit bitter, is lightly sweetened and consist of only 20 calories per 100 ml. With FÏNLEY, Coca-Cola adds a new, tasty brand to its low-calorie and calorie-free assortment.

FÏNLEY | Innovationlab

FÏNLEY is developed in Coca-Cola’s innovation lab in Brussels. At this lab specialists work on innovations and new products that fits with consumers’ flavor expectations and anticipate to social trends. FÏNLEY is already successfully introduced in France and Belgium and now we can also enjoy FÏNLEY in the Netherlands. The soda is especially designed according to flavor preferences of adults. According to a survey from 2015 is 53% of the citizens In the Netherlands older than 40 years. Despite the size of this group, the supply of beverages is still limited for a target market whose flavor preferences changes and of which the taste refines. With FÏNLEY Coca-Cola tries to adapt to this changing drinking habits.

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Website: FÏNLEY

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