Coca-Cola Japan | Introducing Coca-Cola Plus and Ginger Coca-Cola


  • Coca-Cola PlusCoca-Cola Plus
  • Coca-Cola GingerCoca-Cola Ginger

Coca-Cola has recently introduced Ginger Coca-Cola in Japan and they will be rolling out Coca-Cola Plus this March. Coca-Cola Plus has no calories or sugar and it has extra fibers. They have added five grams of dextrin, a natural soluble fiber that has to help the body’s ability to remove waste and make it feel more satiated.

Coca-Cola Plus and Ginger Coca-Cola

Check the video above for an introduction of the Ginger Coca-Cola, according to the video it must taste a bit like ginger ale. Coca-Cola Plus is the first cola with a fiber supplement. It has been spotted at the Facebook page of Coca-Cola Japan by our source PSFK. According to the Facebook message this new Coca-Cola could help its drinkers to lose weight. As it will be introduced this March we haven’t read any comments yet on how it taste. There is no announcement on whether these will be made available in the rest of the world.

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