Coca-Cola’s Royal Bliss | 8 new premium mixers in Spain


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Coca-Cola Spain launched eight new premium mixers. The premium mixers with complex and nuanced flavors are available in glass bottles in restaurants and bars in Spain. Coca-Cola’s Royal Bliss is the first new local brand in a decade. So if you’re going to party in Spain this summer, you might be lucky and taste one of them.

Coca-Cola’s Royal Bliss

Coca-Cola’s Royal Bliss is especially designed and developed for Spanish consumers and is inspired by the latest mixology trends. The new line offers bartenders and restaurant owners new opportunities to design creative drinks. Paloma Cruz Caridad, director of carbonated beverages at Coca-Cola Spain and Portugal says the following: “There is a new generation of consumers with an eye for quality, care and detail. They are looking to experiment and are keen to discover new sensations. That is why we wanted to offer something new and different that stretches the limits of their comfort zone.”

Coca-Cola’s Royal Bliss flavors

The following eight premium mixers are available:

  • Creative Tonic Water: A reinvention of classic with bitter and sweet tastes and citrus nuances.
  • Bohemian Berry Sensation: This ‘sensation’ is sweet, tart and has aromatics such as litchi, passion fruit, peach, apricot and red fruits.
  • Creative Zero Azúcar Tonic Water (sugar free): Clear citrus notes and slight sweet taste.
  • Elegant Soda: A sparkling, intense soda that can be used to create harmonious combinations for mixed drinks.
  • Exotic Yuzu Sensation Tonic Water: Mix between tart and bitter, this tonic has nuances of mandarin, grapefruit and yuzu.
  • Expressive Orange: A unique flavor of mixing orange notes with grapefruit, mandarin, kumquat and tropical fruits
  • Ironic Lemon: This drink not only taste like lemon but also has a hint of mint and is a tart, sweet and refreshing drink.
  • Irrevent Ginger Ale: Woody, sweet notes that balance ginger and citrus flavors.

Other ‘unusual’ drinks by Coca-Cola

Last month we wrote about the introduction of Coca-Cola plus, the first cola with a fiber supplement and the Ginger Coca Cola in Japan. Colca-Cola plus could help drinkers to lose weight and the Ginger Coca-Cola must taste a bit like ginger ale.

Website: Royal Bliss

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