Female entrepreneur from Rotterdam starts new Thai tea brand | 100% natural Tamnan Tea


Tamnan Tea was founded by Penpak Boonla, an entrepreneur from Rotterdam and Stephan van IJperen. Their tea journey started  2 years ago. On one of their many trips to Thailand we met great and good-hearted people. Among them farmers who just want to have a normal, happy, simple life, but cannot market their beautiful and healthy products,  because of a gap in knowledge, network, support and market access. They market ‘Fresh Blue’, a lemongrass tea with a hint of ginger and handpicked blue pea flowers, which makes this tea a great refreshment. ‘Calm Green’, a loose kaffir lime tea that has a slightly bitter taste. To achieve the right balance you taste the soft flavors of pandan leaves en the freshness of lemongrass. ‘Mellow Yellow’, loose ginger tea with a Thai twist of fresh lemongrass and the soft flavor of pandan leaves. ‘Soft Sour Flower’, loose hibiscus tea with a soft sourness to it because of the added blue pea flower and lemongrass.

Colored teas, they’re trendy! Surprise your guests with Tamnan Tea or the blue tea from Crusio Thee or the red and blue matcha’s from Matcha.blue by Fluxias GmbH!

100% natural, small – scale Thai herbal tea in various colors | Tamnan Tea

Besides their regular small family owned businesses, mainly in rice, cassava or corn, many of them seek to add a bit to their yearly income to make a better living. Penpak grew up among farmers and helped her father in his trading business (mainly agricultural products) from a young age. So Pen knows the culture, knows her herbs, knows the needs of Thai farmers and the hidden potential that many of them have, but simply are unaware of; growing healthy herbs. Connecting the dots they developed the idea and the concept of building an authentic Thai herbal tea brand; Tamnan Thai Herbs & Tea was born. Tamnan means ‘ legend’ in Thai language and is purely and 100% based on herbs planted, nutured, grown and harvested by small scale Thai farmers, to help them earn an extra living by getting access to different markets.

Website: Tamnan Tea 

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